January 21, 2015

Mom is here ------- (100)

So finally dad dispatched my mom to Pune by air, while Mr.ISB collected her in Zombie condition due to her medications from the airport.

She is here in Pune finally for the whole week. Thanks to my dad's trip and my brother's competition which sent them out of town. She has a hobby of managing everything alone but her health quite does not like it. It was a daunting task to convince her to come to our place in Pune but the super ideal son-in-law ( What the heck moment for me) could convince her in one single phone call versus my plenty of requests to come home.

With the risk of me sounding rude to friends, I have invited each of my friends to come down to my home to meet mom. Yeah, I cant manage my hyper active, shameless friends on my own. They are eager to meet mom as a few of them wants to say hi to her after meeting my full filmy family in the wedding and some of them wants to meet her as they had missed my wedding - which is not quite convincing. The major reason I predict is they want to complain  about my shameless dominating nature which is not true. Period. Okay, they want to check on Mr.ISB if he is alive. Image we carry, I swear.

With the nervous heart with the fear of  my boss ( who sometimes forget who is the boss) might forget that I have taken 'work from home' for 2 days and create some crisis which can not be resolved without me. Not boasting but he is new to the organisation and I take advantage of the fact! Hah.

I am looking forward in getting constant company of my mom in my walking, cooking and tea time sessions. I am looking forward to the Namkin news of my old society on which I can write a whole book. I am looking forward to Mr.ISB's caring nature which suddenly appears in multiplications of 6 (Random okay?) when my mom arrives.

Oh my god, My mom is here ----- (100)

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