January 27, 2015

Prayers help - Keeping fingers crossed.

My heart was sinking faster than the blood pressure of my mom. The machine showed 180/101 and I knew it is time to go to the hospital. We called my Fufa who is also our family doctor with some 40 years of experience. He agreed to me and I took mom to the very nearby hospital. My mom was quite sure she is going to have a heart or brain stroke.

One more shock was waiting when the mercury machine of the hospital showed 190/110. Yeah the BP was increasing in super sonic speed even after giving her drops of the medicine underneath her tongue before 2 hours. With the height of mercury sweating on my face was increasing too. The doctor immediately asked to go for an ECG. My heart was at the bottom, if you know what I mean.

I walked up and straight for some 5 minutes and asked the doctor to tell me the result first before telling it to my  mom. She smiled and said it is normal. No spike and so ruling out the possibility of heart stroke.We were still thinking about the blood pressure when she asked mom to lie down. Mom had smiled for the first time in the day after knowing the result. She gave my mom a tablet of  paracetamol to cure the headache. After some 20 minutes they measured her pressure which had gone down to 160/90. By the time Mr.ISB had left from the office to come to hospital. My dad had landed in Pune as well.

We consulted the MD who patiently wrote down the long medical history of my mom. Remeasured BP which had lowered to the normal limit by the time. She said we need to do Eco Cardio to rule out any other tiny issue related to heart. The cardiologist took mom inside. By the time my two chai-buddies ( Colleagues - I need to write a post on them!!) and Mr.ISB reached. I was relaxed and yeah, dad was to reach super soon.

Dad reached and immediately started scanning her reports to send it to my uncle. Mom came out like a hulk (in comparison with what she was since morning) smiling. The doctor had already told her things are super perfect and she can fly back home with dad. He insisted to go for stress test in Ahmedabad, but the normal BP made things very relaxed.

I was relieved due to arrival of my dad who is a doctor without a degree due to his sharp observation power and his skills developed to behave in crisis which was the result of training by my Cardiologst Grand Dad. Mr.ISB ran here and then to help with payments and buying syringes/medicine for mom. One of my super best friend came home with my family as well.

I was tired. I was relaxed. Mom was high as if she was born again. Mr.ISB and dad were busy teasing me for the coolie type personality with Pajamas - sweater- no bath properties.

I thank every one who prayed for my mom and stood by me. Not being a formality queen. I am sure mom would fight any other complications which raised her BP.

Prayers help. I am pretty sure.

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