January 26, 2015

Would you please pray for my mom?

Her Blood pressure is around 188. Which is far from normal. She is suffering from all deadly life style problems - Diabetes, High/Low blood pressure, High level of Albumin, Cholesterol etc etc.

She is here. We had awesome time together till last night. She was to leave for Ahmedabad tomorrow as my dad and brother already reaching there. From today morning she is not at all well.

Nibbling hands, Gas in the stomach, eyes lids super heavy and headache like anything. We consulted our family doctor and she is under sedation now.

She needs to sleep. Under those medicines also it is taking time for her to sleep. How would her blood pressure go down? What if pressure if affecting her other organs like my maternal family history says.

I am scared. I want to cry. She does not deserve this. She slogged to take care of us, my paternal and maternal grandparents, her grand mother too. Every one around her.

Now she is suffering. I am sacred.

Would you please pray for my mom?

Some prayers get answered. Do me a favor?  

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