March 2, 2015

Finally here!

I am finally here, on this page, after many failed attempts to blog. As usual the situation demands for many blog posts which confuses me to the core. A pending week long trip - blog post is must, besides all rants I am going to plot here. 

So many changes are coming closer and I am going to seize them all. Things are moving in the direction we want, but hey it does not bring certainty in life. Right? So here I am trying to enjoy whatever is in my plate.

Food. Plate. Wow, I am in love with cooking. I taste each and every thing brought to me, to decipher ingredients and processes. I am not at all a pro, but a newbie who finds joy in experimenting. A Master chef India fan, yours truly wants to cook a lot which never happens. I cook dinner in jiffy with some calls to attend and a lot of fatigue I feel now a days. Hoping for some change very soon.

The week long Jaipur- Sariska trip was awesome and much needed. Shopping here and there, Jaipuri food every where, relaxing days - totally unplanned pleasure. Some keywords coming up in my next blog post!!

Met an old Singapore room mate after ages which is not exactly the feeling. It seems,  just yesterday I left Singapore with memories worth hundreds of GBs! Relieved many of them, with the intention of making another roomie jealous! Devil I am, isn't it?

One Mumbai trip and one Ahmedabad trip is in the plan along with many other plans we have drafted out. Life is going to be tough, but worth living for. Excitement in professional life, keeps the personal life at peace. Ah, of course hormonal balance helps as well :D Swinging moods are one of my traits!

Hope I am back to blogging as with so many ongoing changes in life, I have thousands of ideas to blog. Only if I can take time out to blog. I promise to rant less than this post, promise!

How was your February? :) 

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