March 5, 2015

I am tired.

Tired of opinions. Tired of people who spread rumors like opinions without any detailed knowledge. People who are so pessimistic about the world that the only thing they do is criticize. Nation, Government, citizens and faiths. Ah, religions. I am almost ignoring Facebook, halving the time I used to check the feed. I am ignoring news channels completely. Newspaper also in the same league. I am tired of everything.

Rape a girl. Do marches. Change policies. Interview the rapist. Make a film. Then oppose his views. Discuss. Ban the documentary. Criticize the ban. Who did something for such issues? No no one did anything but when it came to opposing anything, hey we are first in it. Any ban on creativity is worth opposing. Freedom of speech and all. No, I am not justifying ban. I am also not justifying stupid religious comments people make every day on the national platform.I am trying to put a point across the table.

Did you do anything about social issues like rapes? Did you stand up and join an NGO working on this? Did you learn defense tricks? Did you verify details while commenting on any news? I am yet not sure why suddenly thousands of people have started tracking down news after the new Government was set. Suddenly every one is Arnab and Modi. People are Tharoor and Kejriwal. Why did Gandhi and Sardar do this and that. People have opinion over everything on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter every where. 

Moral responsibility? No. 

I am tired.

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