March 5, 2015

I am the daughter of India.

I am the daughter of India. I am the girl who got stares from weird people while cycling my way to the school. Did I tell this to any one? No. I faced each of them and stared them back after facing some fears in my mind. It worked to some extent.

I am the daughter of India, who was taught how to be strong enough, how to not to risk my life by my parents. No, they did not stop me from wearing shorts or sleeveless. They did not stop me from taking admission  in a class of 89 boys out of 90 seats. They did not stop me from going to out of my city for competitions where I was the only girl in the team. They taught me how to be really careful and still stay strong. It worked for me.

I am the daughter of India, whose parents let her settle in some other town in another state for my job alone. I was not stopped from anything right from going out side to coming back home safely at midnight. They used to get worried but we kept in touch while travelling. They trusted my friends. My friends made sure I reach home every single time.

I am the daughter of India who works in a male dominating manufacturing industry where you get male stake holders for 95% of the times. I was never uncomfortable. There were instances, I raised my voice. A person got sacked by my company I used to work for as well. I was fortunate enough that companies I worked for/work for have policies which protect me every single time. Yeah, I work in India.

I am the daughter of India who understands that if some one rapes me it is not my fault. The first thing after self defense I would do is to go the police station, take an i-Pill.If I am not in the condition to open my eyes some one from my family would go and report. They would put my real name in the report and would be super proud that I fought  for myself. My husband, both sets of parents, sisters, brothers would be horribly upset but would never feel ashamed. All those males would fight for me as they always respect women. Yeah they are Indians.

I am the daughter of India who keeps a bottle of Pepper Spray in case it can help. Though when I roam around alone at night, I am not scared every time. I have faith in my people. From 10 some 5 people would be there who would respect me. I am being pessimistic in these number, please note.

I am the daughter of India who is cultured, independent, strong and matured while being fierce if thrown challenges. I am the daughter of India who thinks above states and religions.

I am the daughter of India who is thankful to all cab drivers who dropped me home safely while coming back from supplier's place when I was alone. I am thankful to all courier guys who delivered stuff to me when I was alone at home and never did any harm to me even mentally. I am thankful to all bus drivers who did not stare me or in fact helped me from perverts by giving me proper seats. I am thankful to my teachers who taught me gender equality and that does not mean I support female quotas. I am thankful to all those aunties/uncles who had beaten up a guy who tried to touch me and I slapped him hard who said sorry to me for thousand times.

I am thankful to my husband, my brother/cousins, both sets of parents and friends who never threw a statement like ,"Dekha, is lie boltethe ki time pe ghar aao/ shorts mat pehno".

I am thankful to each of those cultured, no-gender-nonsense, truly educated males of my nation who makes me  proud for being 'The Daughter Of India'. Yes, they are Indians living in India.


  1. :) I'm glad you wrote this

  2. Good! You are one of proud India's daughters. I am proud of you.

    There is no point in banning the BBC documentary 'India's Daughter'. What Mukesh Singh says in the interview is still the view of many Indians, including the Defence Advocate in the case. Bar Council of India has rightly issued a 'Show Cause' notice on him for his statements after arguing the case.