March 26, 2015

The Kida

In India we grow different 'Kidas' in ourselves. Foreigners might as well take it as the super irritating virtual creature aka some hobby/interest/wish aka 'Kida' crawling inside the body. Some people have Cricket ka 'Kida', some people have 'Travelling ka Kida'. Some people have 'Cooking ka Kida' and some people have 'Gane ka Kida'. Some people have 'Gadgets ka Kida' and some people have 'Start ups ka Kida'.

I have the 'working for a start up Kida'. I always wanted to create things from scratch, be it a product or a brand or even policies. I like to scratch my brain till something takes shape in it. Now this 'Kida' was biting me since two years ( may be since childhood but never consciously thought about it) but situations were not very warm for this particular Kida.

Since last 5 months,my job was becoming crappier day by day by growing only stress within me. Basically the job which was quite dynamic by definition - I got 4 bosses to work with in last 15 months- was not making me learn anything.The most pathetic part was I was no more in love with the company goals. With every boss a new work style, different kinds of work time imbalances and zillions of formats pitched in my life. Just when I was reaching my saturation point, I was approached by a family friend who registered a start up. I had met the guy before but that day I met him with his another partner, I had shared ideas related to the start up. These guys offered me to work with them as the founder team member, the very same day. I took close to two months to decide as it came with risk , relocation and what not. Thankfully , with the support from both sets of parents, siblings and of course the husband I decided to go ahead with it! Yes, the ccrapy nature of the corporate world had made me bold enough to promise myself that my next job wont be based on numbers of years of experience on my resume. That is what exactly happened.

There were people who felt happy for me, there were people who showed the astonishment and some labelled me a rebel and an immature girl. Some felt as I am married to a man who is earning a good amount of money, I am playing with the chance. Anyway, I am super happy with the guts I am showing. I am sure I need to put efforts more than ever, there would be days we might not get response from the market but I trust my team and myself. I am not going to make PLAN B.

The 'Kida' within me is not at peace even now. It is boosting my soul with Adrenaline all the time when I share ideas and go one step closer to the goal. These 'Kidas' have done great and worst things for people. Some could manage with the razor sharp brain and good luck, some got stuck for the life. Here I am, leaving the safe road to monthly salary and entering into the zone where only extreme positions can be achieved. 

I am happy that I am giving the atmosphere to the 'Kida' to grow. Do you have such Kidas?

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