March 25, 2015

The (Last) week which was perfect!

As usual presenting the post which was written some days back and the lazy me did not bother to post it!

It is the Sunday evening and the only word I have for this week is 'Perfect'!
  • I realized on Monday that  it is my second last week at my current company. Yes, I have one more pending blog post for throwing up my resignation letter & the life around people here in my office. To keep it simple for this post - I am partially relaxed, some what frustrated as they don't have my back fill yet and no hand over is done and fully charged to take up my next assignment! :) 
  • Our trips to tapari almost in our office campus have increased thanks to my resignation and other current 'affair' issues going on in lives of my besties! Tapariwale bhaiya has stopped charging my tea for some weird reasons, I suspect my friends have disclosed the resignation details out side the campus!
  • My sister and parents ( In laws) came home! Which meant chit chat and getting high on Chai! Mr.ISB was caged in the virtual cage of different games to ignore the high pitch chit chat we throw on him! Dad was busy in praising the garden and the infrastructure of the colony we are living in right now.
  • The great cooking activity kicked off as a team work by yours truly and the sister (in law) along with low pitched nervous statements thrown by visiting mom in the kitchen, as she was not allowed in kitchen. We successfully managed to make Birayni, Chocolate puree and the favorite roasted tomato puree. Well done girls! :D
  • It was a great change for me as uncertainty knocking my doors again and this time I am not alone. Only if this travelling thing gets out of my life! 
  • After the really hectic but wonderful weekend the last dinner of the week being cooked by Mr.ISB?!? Well it is happening today! Tada!
  • I am very enthusiastic about upcoming relocation. I would get a family to stay with but equally tensed about the upcoming long distance relationship. Not that I am super scared, just wish to avoid it for a long term. 
What's up with you, guys! If you still come and lurk over here!

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