March 30, 2015

Grown up finally!

A small girl had tears in her eyes. Her friends were given different classes after the 4th Standard in her school. She wont be sitting together and have fun along with other old classmates. Anyway she adjusted, made new friends, kept in touch with some old friends. Life was happy.

The same incident happened when she decided to chose Technical Studies for three years and hence changed the class. She felt lonely for some days but slowly her introvert self found a new atmosphere along with the cream talent of the school. The most mischievous class made her extrovert and she beamed with joy for those three years. Again the stream changing activity happened for two years. This time she took things in a different way. The extrovert nature was a mask and she channelized herself into studies. So much that her 12th board result was an expected surprise (if you understand) for every one.

She entered her only-one-girl batch of mechanical engineering. She was confident enough to gel with the 'Bajrang Dal' boys. She made great friends and built funny memories. She became a part of one of the most geeky bunch of students in the college. She became a part of the rough and tough gang of the college. For four years she lived, most importantly she learnt. She was growing up and coming out of the shield. Her placements in one of the most famous Indian Automotive Company outside her home town was the biggest change coming up.

She left her home, her friends and family to achieve something in life, to build something own her own. She grew matured like never before, she learnt to make friends with people from diverse background. She learnt how the world can be hurting her, also how the world can heal her. She was an independent bird out of the nest but caged by surroundings - pampered by friends , seniors and even her comfort zone. Then after months, the day came when she decided to make the move one more time. The most hurtful decision she made, she thought. She threw herself out of the comfort zone to a distant land of merlions - Singapore. Tears were flowing out of her eyes with no voice coming out of her throat on the very last working day at her first company. It gave her best friends for life, best lessons her life. It took full four days for her to say good bye to people she had worked with - she wanted to say bye to all. She loved them all. Almost.

The Lala land Singapore then the alien land with only one blog friend was not an easy deal too. The food with a lot of MSG, a room to be shared with four flatmates and money crunches had started molded her from the day her dad returned back home. Her nights with movie sessions with her friends, midnight snacks and memories of friends-family in India slowly got converted into cozy life long friendship. The era ended quite quickly but with a bit strong heart. Yes, it felt super heavy while leaving the most boring machined country which still had her best of friends. It was not the painless move at all.

The move back to the country with a new job started off with heavy changes like wedding. The new office gave brilliant mentors, a group of buddies and some stupid people to work with. The frustration at office was easy to handle due to those 4 wonderful buddies and some random friends I made out of the group. Chai time laughter shocks, pranks and what not. Then again it happened. She got one brilliant opportunity to change the track of her career. After thinking for a while, she decided to grab it. This time, she was fine. She did not cry. She consoled her friends who cried and laughed with friends who were strong. She was feeling stronger.

She had learnt how to not to hurt her self while parting. She had learnt that friends are there forever even when they stay poles apart. She has learnt the way of life. She is grown up finally!

I am proud of her. I am proud of myself. 

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