July 27, 2015

A weekend that vanished, again

One weird virtue (?) of this new startup is I  have to work on Saturdays. Some times I can just wrap up in a couple of hours or I have to stretch for the whole day. Nothing is compulsory but as the launching is approaching with new deals getting signed, keeping up the pace is the only objective. The world of startups made me realize time can fly faster than the sonic speed

This weekend, as none of us were travelling and we ( Yours truly and Mr.ISB) were in two different cities like always, working for the whole day was not difficult. It was anyway the need of the hour. Of course, I took this opportunity called 'No plans on Saturdays' to meet my best friend R who is *touch wood* expecting a baby this month and I could not meet her even after being in Mumbai for  three months. *Shame shame*

As we met, the unsaid rules since ages between us appeared in order. Awesome conversation over two cups of coffee ( and a smoothie!) , muffins and some more. Of course the rule laid by R resurfaced too - Being elder to me only she should be the person to sponsor our treats. Well, I tried to alter it with nothing but the nervous tone. Some times it is not about the money, it is about the authority of that friend which she/he has over you which would make such decisions! Those two hours were the best hours I spent in last some days here in Mumbai.

Sunday morning sun woke me up quite early with my mind full of compulsory plans I had to follow. I had to meet my uncle aunt at the other end of the city. It has been ages I have been attending people alone in this city, but this time I was hopeful to be really happy as I am fond of them since my childhood. That is what happened but while coming back, the sinking feeling resurfaced, the weekend was going to be over. My job is thrilling now in terms of work I do, but some where I have issues with my wishes and dreams not being able to get converted into plans. Dreams about living in mountains for days, trekking for days, running every single day, hogging on green salad full of exotic vegetables like never before, meeting cousins and friend abroad.

The Movie tickets for Bahubali was waiting for me to see the excellent movie once I was back home. If I ignore the shit all Indian movies throw in the form of unnecessary songs, I loved the movie for its Graphics, for actors, for fulfilling my hunger for mythological stories. Coming back late night with the throbbing headache due to exertion helped me to sleep better. With the half baked happiness, another weekend flew.

It is sometimes heart crushing to see your days passing by doing nothing. Being alone. Travelling every now and then to meet your better equal half who can rightfully live under one roof after wedding. Smelling those AC buses or waiting for him to appear after dinner on Fridays just to realize that Sundays can fly to you quickly and he would relocate again for a week or two. I am fed up of doing some social chorus alone, I am not blaming any one it is just the way I have been made. May be the snobbish soul of mine, is not bothered about social stigmas. I am fed up of that weird feeling while I get up in which I have to think a lot to realize in which room I am, in which city I am, where are my people.

If you really understand the feeling of 'Emptiness in life' , you understand where I am coming from.

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  1. Been there, done that and it sucked :(
    Hang in there, this shall pass too..

    Liked the blog, adding it to my reading list.