July 27, 2015

For the one who ignited minds!

The girl's tiny hands were moving on a drawing board with the crisp flipping noise generated by pages of the book kept beside which read the title 'Wings Of Fire'. There was something about this book which her sparkling eyes were resonating while reading.

Later on, her room was filled with hand painted missile poster. She was too young to design the real missile. So she made sure that each angle and each curve to be drafted should be precise enough to impress an engineer. Her artisitc friend was amused at her habit of drawing with drafters.

So was the author's influence that her interest in technical subjects had built up quite a lot. Her curious nature made her read about designs of ammunition and arms, missiles, war strategies and history.

She finished her Mechanical Engineering a few years later with the spirit that author created in her mind. She witnessed the spiritual side of science taught by the author. She witnessed the presidential term of this great man in her teenage too. She was not alone, there were many youngsters getting groomed under his influence.

Yesterday while coming back home, she heard about the demise of that very Author, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

She time- traveled back in past,she went back to her ambitions, her sense of spirituality and patriotism kicked in the endorphin for a few minutes. Just to realize that an era for engineering development, an era of linking science and spirituality in India, an era of building weapons to keep nation safe, an era of building power to be respected by powerful nations is over.

The little girl who read the book and became an engineer is me. The great visionary, the former president, the scientist, the spiritual soul and the kind teacher of Indian kids  is no more.

The same era and the aura might not come back, ever.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2015

    i was stuck too for words.. when I heard the news! it was such a natural reaction to somebody I hardly knew personally, but in ways I knew somebody personally.. to which, my mother asked me, "you really liked that man this much, you never showed a hint of reaction before" to which I replied, even I did not know until that fateful evening!