July 2, 2015

The Null day!

It is as dreading as any Monday for every one. My Mondays are no more boring but still, I have the liberty to call it a weird day to work as I generally carry the hangover of meeting Mr.ISB on weekends.

People at home are not at home. The husband is working in another city. I am excited to go home and cook - if at all the end of the day let me do it.

The Null day started with reading, which was the single most interesting part of the day. I nearly nullified all the work as Mumbai has been blessed with good maids. *Pinch me* I am yet to finish the book, which might end my day in a better way.

I have realized how much social I am. I need people around me all the time. It is very easy for me to freshen up mentally or introspect in a couple of hours. It get back to the feeling of being with friends or family. I have realized I get attached to people very easy, but have matured myself to be bold enough to distance myself from my own people if required. Breaking up relations is not cup of tea but yeah, detachments in the healthy fashion is in , for me.

As I write this, sipping the hot water from the new mug (Come on, every one is the office has been gifted with the mug with the lid, I swear I did not buy it!) and I realize I am not really addicted to tea or coffee. Tea is something I love to sip because it brightens up my spirits. I can do without it as well.

I have also realized, I get detached to people if at all something is going on in my mind with extra ordinary strength. (Read: Panic attacks or thoughts pissing me off) I escape from social world just to come back with a bang. (Of course this phenomena is not true when I talk to Mr.ISB!)

This Null day brings many thoughts to mind, like first monsoon showers. I enjoy it and gulp it too.

Do you have such days?

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