July 15, 2015

I want, the weird impromptu wish list!

  • I want to eat Chawal wali Kheer. I read about it some where, just ten minutes back.
  • I want to eat cabbage , raw cabbage. I miss it horribly. 
  • I want to walk, walk till my mind goes completely numb. 
  • I want to talk to one of my partners, just like that. About things I want to do in professional life. He knows the scope of improvement on which I am not able to work on. 
  • I want to spend the weekend alone. ALONE. totally. I did not feel this some hours back. 
  • I want to throw myself in the world of books. 'Numb on books' or may be 'High on books'!
  • I want to make Honey Lemon Tea. Well, technical it is not even the 'Tea'.
  • I want to sleep like a baby. I sleep six hours every night but it does not even reach the level of a 'Power nap' for some reasons. 
  • I want to hook on to some nice English movies for some unknown reasons. I have started keeping my laptops in the office due to the back pain I had some months back. Some decisions are better for the life, though I miss watching movies on my own on bigger screen than a mobile screen.
  • I want to get more organized. The way I work, the way I travel, The way I work out. Every possible thing. 
  • I want to catch on some nice plays.
  • I want to go mountains. May be I am done on beaches. I want to wear gloves, drink hot chocolate and get inside the warm blanket after roaming around in the coldest possible weather.
  • I want to buy more bags , shoes and clothes! :D
  • I want to re-start baking again. The kitchen in Pune has spoiled me so much that the kitchen with mom here makes a me a little less creative and lazy.
  • I want to hog on one huge ice cream cake! I wish I was in Singapore right now. 
  • I want the Toast Box coffee of Singapore. How horribly I miss that humble coffee sometimes.
  • I want to visit my cousins and my Aunty in US of A soon. It seems USA is snatching my favorite persons day by day. * My baby cousin who is a lawyer now, wants to study more there, I say what is the need!!* 
  • I want to walk the talk which is in my mind, without any fear. Really. 
  • I want to take a break, spend two days in a brilliant way so that I come back to work with all the more passion I carry for this new job. Not to mention - Less bugging for Mr.ISB.

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