September 21, 2015

aPOINTment # 6

When you just keep on running and the endorphin starts kicking in the body, you can not/ should not do anything but enjoy the 'Runner's high'. Well, do not widen your eyes. I did not run enough to get the high but my life ran. It is still running and I am merely coping up with the speed, huffing puffing sometimes but still enjoying the 'High'.

  • A trip to my home was more than fun. Panipuri and Kulfi, Gupshup and shopping. Those three days were so much packed, I tell you. All I had wished was to rest and do nothing (No, My in laws don't do Zor Zulam on me. I was just plain bored of some things.) when I planned for the home trip. What I realized is, 'resting' is even more boring for me. A day completely without doing nothing does not work for me. I feel depressed. 
  • Baking-vaking happened at home. Baked a really chocolaty cake for my cousin and my mother. Yes, both of them have their birthdays this week. My frock buddy N. What to say, I just missed meeting her. Why? Because a lot of social meetings, upcoming marriages in the family. If you are reading this, shoot me :D Oh, well I am trying to call you in a while, better you pick my call.
  • I fell in love with Sarees one more time. I took out all sarees proudly owned by my mom and conveniently declared ownership on all of them. Only if I can flaunt sarees the way every graceful Indian woman does. Talk about dreams. 
  • I started a new tradition in my family. In Mumbai, as writing & reading in my mother tongue has almost become a code language between me and mom-in-law, I wrote her a birthday letter in my mother tongue without using a single English word. Yes, I feel so good about it. No, it was not a threatening letter, guys. Chill. She liked it. In fact, loved it.
  • I am feeling so close to Hindi now a days. Like never before, I feel the language.(Don't ask) I want to practice speaking in Pure Hindi, hopefully mixed with Urdu more and more in my life.
  • Buying a gift for my mom with my brother was a fun move. A ride on his bike while getting drenched in the rain can not be plain. Not at all. More fun was checking out his expressions when I asked him to accompany me in a shop which had already accommodated around twenty females hunting for sarees and their male partners lined up in the lobby, doing nothing. 
  • My team at work as expected, did not bother me while I was happily enjoying my second 'much needed' holiday this month. A break from a break is needed now. 'Much Needed'.
  • Ah, all these things happened while I kept on sneezing time to time. To my dad's horror, it seems I am allergic to milk. (Yey, not the Chai okay?) Which if proven, gates of guilt can be opened and I can have the strong Adarakhwali chai every single day!

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