September 25, 2015

Targeted in advance

I love throwing surprises and host parties. There was a time when I used to plan surprise farewells like a pro ( A good number of seven in total) and enjoy the whole process of surprising/shocking friends - family. From a small personalized letter to big farewell parties - Surprises I planned were in all shapes and sizes! They include a carton of Buttermilk packs, story books, self made birthday cards, home baked cakes and air fryers! Planning surprises do give me a sense of life, my joyful life. Some time back, while reading my own blog I realized I had stopped experiencing such big small joys in life. I made a come back last week, which I mentioned some time back.

I want to create such moments of affection for all people I am close to. I had one opportunity at office too, yesterday. So I grabbed it (Read: Tried).One of my two company partners (AS(S), ah A & S) who are friends, philosophers & mentors were taken aback when they found we were having our hands full with a card, a cylinder like barrel and a chocolate cake which we took out from that 'under the table' cabinet we share. We, three poor (okay, what is the point when they are not going to read this ever!) team members have been planning for this celebration some two months back led by yours truly.

One of us don't come every day to the office and handles IT stuff from his own office. So when we realized A's birthday has to be celebrated when all are there (and not on the actual birthday), we were not worried about the 'surprise' factor! We were going to celebrate some three days in advance, it would be a surprise itself! :D

We had decided not to include S- the other company partner in the planning committee, as he was busy in his dad's hospitalization. (Also, we were scared that he would hint A being a true partner.) We were not too resourceful anyway.After many brain storming sessions where our cafeteria waiter also contributed by creating a storm of tea every single time, we could not decide on a gift or a any other plan. I was running out  of those imaginary blood cells who carry a virtue called 'Patience'.

Then exactly two days back, some auspicious star formation was created day & so we could decide on one single gift. That cylinder barrel which we we took out from the cabinet along with a cake and a card was nothing but a rolled magnetic dart board for the in house game champion A. Something which A wanted to play in the office in those moments of stress, but never got the chance.The cake and the venue (what else, but our own small office) management was done by our IT officer. I had sourced the card and the cake, while our designer had happily approved the aesthetics for both.

A, being the introvert was a bit conscious seeing all smiling faces, but could brave the cake cutting sessions. The birthday boy (Hah!) was blushing for exactly 37 minutes before going back to work.

To protect their privacy I can not put the image of our card here but it had ten small cards stuck inside one big card. Talk about cost cutting and start ups! (*Coyly looking at keyboard* Yours truly was appreciated for the concept!) Design approval and the cake manager got their credits as well, along with our background noise - the other mentor S who was surprised by our game plan along with A.

After observing the card many times, the targeted birthday boy raised his eyebrows and asked,
"Bubblegum, you are good at creating surprises for people haan."

I grinned and said, " I know"!

S, Some day (Highly unlikely) if you read this I just want to let you know. This was the most boring surprise I have ever thrown. I owe you one kick ass surprise birthday party, next year may be?

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