September 15, 2015

Loss of the (ear)ring

To both mothers' dismay, I am not into Gold. Or diamonds.Or even Silver. No, I am not the one who hates ornaments. In fact, I love ear rings ,anklets and rings sometimes. Only if they are imitation. I was given many gold ornaments and some diamond ones when I got married. I love all of them but who wears them everyday?! They happily rest in a locker of a nearby bank most of the time.

Coming back to ear rings. My great love for ear rings. I have collected, preserved and flaunted many many of them, right from the day I started buying imitated ear rings when I was in the high school. I still have that 'Smiley wale earrings' bought while I was in the college. ( I kid you not!) I was pretty clear about the (only) self-made fashion rule: "The ear ring should match exactly match my attire." Hence, the enthusiastic shopper in me would go gaga over every big or small ear-ring stall my eyes could find, wherever I go. So much that, I also had bought a pair from 'Saputara' which is a small tribal hill station in the corner of Gujarat. Who buys ear rings from such hill stations?

I am actually a person who hates superstitions, but when it comes to 'Lucky' stuff I am stumped! I had my 'Lucky watch' which was my dad's watch (Oops), I used to believe in my 'Lucky hair style'and I have my 'Lucky ear rings'. No, I had my luckiest ear ring. :/

I lost one (and the only), a couple of weeks bag. The small white semi-star (Don't ask!) shaped studs which I flaunted in all the interviews I have given so far, in my life. Not to brag but each of the interview had got successfully converted into jobs/admissions.

So when I lost this luckiest pair, my heart sank. I silently cried invisible tears. No, it was not real or even an expensive piece of an imitation ornament set. It was more than that, the luckiest pair. I have preserved  the one piece from the pair which was left with me, thinking I might turn lucky and other piece would magically come back to me.

I am still waiting for the magic to happen.May be I would get the piece back? May be I would get another luckier pair? May be I would get rid of this superstition.

May be.

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