September 29, 2015

Yaar Bina Chain Kahan re

"Friends are relatives we get to choose."

I had read this quote some where and every time I remember it, I agree to it like never before.

Every friend is unique but if I segregate all of them, they would fall into three categories.

1. Friends, who are 'Hi Hello type' and when they meet up we manage to have a blast. 
2. Friends, with whom you share details of every second of your life. I suspect after certain age we do not get into such friendships. Unless you marry your very best friend. (But then who the hell keeps on poking nose in the spouses' life every now and then? Talk about independence)
3. Friends whom you don't meet frequently, you talk to them once in a while but they still remain close. (or they are childhood buddies) So much that you never feel the distance. They are always there. Always.

Catching up with the third category is fun. Supreme fun. There would be new stories and new discussions in the air (WhatsApp is on cloud, remember?) and yet there would that thick old connection. Thicker than blood. I believe, at least. So when yesterday I was getting bored at home (After a super hectic day and cold syndromes striking back) I decided to catch up with some friends from the third category.

Singapore flatmate 1: This blogger mam has recently shifted her butts along with her body to India from Singapore which leaves only three close friends to meet in Singapore,if at all I implement the dream plan of visiting 'my second most favorite country to live'.  While we were discussing about her 'Groom Hunting' activities I realized, the fun we had in Singapore with Chai can never be experienced again, Unless our flat mate mentioned below decides to buy her wedding gown from Mumbai :D

Singapore flatmate 2: This celebrity who  represents Indian diversity like nobody's business,had shifted to India from Singapore long back. You might spot her with a drawing of the kind of wedding gown she wants for herself in Bangalore. With this she also collects data which proves India's inability to manufacture designer wedding gowns. Here we are not talking about 'Make In India'.

Friend D: This friend who is going through the most difficult phase of his life, surprises me with his maturity to handle turmoils almost every time I talk to him. The kind of friendship we share has to be decorated with titles like "Together from Kindergarten but never bothered to actively grow the friendship" or "Age old friends-who-don't-talk-much, are better than new friends who talk and still can not understand each other".

After talking to these three friends, content with the way I had ended the day I dozed off in no time.

Such are some friends and friendships. Connecting to them makes you fill the void created by 'nothingness' in your life.


I heard the alarm next morning, and was surprised to find myself start the day and not snoozing it off. Very much my old self. After suffering from the hangover, I was struggling to fill my day with enough doze of adrenaline or satisfaction, just enough to get up early and get going.

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