September 9, 2015

The Spiti Story-1

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I have been bubbling with eagerness to paint my memories and some after effects of the trip on the blog. From the moment my Bro-Buddy asked told me to blog about the trip, I have been pondering over ways to collect all those tiny moments we lived together in Himalays and decorate them on a blog page. The pondering mind slowly gave up and the heart took over which asked me to start with the generic post about the trip to start with, just to be followed by detailed& S report. I promise.

Let me tell you something about Spiti. This valley which is now a part of the district called 'Lahaul & Spiti' in Himachal Pradesh is still in its ancient shape. As ancient as Himalayas, I felt. Contrary to the usual belief, this valley is not made by rivers flowing near by. It is the valley created by the ancient sea Tyths when Himalaya was created. Fossil exploration is very interestingly taken by researchers here, which proves the marine life in region before the Himalayan era. This story we discovered later on, while reading the material we found in one of the very cozy home stay at Kaza.

We friends, who collectively held calendars of 'friends of friends' and 'family members of the friends' together to draft a plan for this trip. The gang included an Amdavadi from Mumbai, A Mumbaikar from Mumbai, a Mumbaiakr from Pune, a Mumbaikar from Delhi and three Delhites from Delhi.If you think we are done with the complex demographics, let me tell you a member whom we lovingly call Aunty (A mother of two friends!) single handedly brought up the average age of the group. (Of course Aunty never stopped us from doing anything - including late night chatting which caused severe fatigue and zombie like symptoms in some of us.)

I am leaving the details of the trip to the next post, but the summary is I got more from this trip then I had thought of!

They say, " Make Peace With Yourself In Spiti"! We found wisdom too.

What do you expect when a gang with complex demographics goes to the Himalayan lonely highland which is largely unexplored. So much that at the end of the trip, Manali looked disturbingly crowded! Each of us had traveled, studied and worked in different places. Each of us was going through different stages of life - Denial for the wedding, finding grooms/brides, already married but still in the Boyfriend-Girlfriend phase etc. When we talked about life, we started noting down some conclusions whom we call 'Wisdom Points' with pride. '


Wisdom Number #1 : "When you are suffering, compare your pain with even worst sufferings in the world."

This was concluded by the Sister-In-Law when our bones were screaming due to the cold wind while going out for the dinner form the bus and also when the suspension of the bus cried with each of those billions of bumps hurt punched them, and us. We also immediately found an application of the wisdom which of course made my plump self a bit more confident!! ;-)

Wisdom Number #101: Do not expect anything from any one!

Being in the land of Spiti which has many Buddhist followers I believe, this is the message or the Brahmgyan by Buddha himself. Our friend N who concluded this is just the messenger, I suppose! On a serious note, not implementing this wisdom itself is the root cause of all complexities in our lives. I think "Karmanye-vadhika Raste Mafaleshu Kadachan" has to be the second part of this saying, which means "Do your work without expecting any results"!

Wisdom Number # 501: Duniya mein sabse bada Rog, Mere bare mein kya kahenge Log! In English: " The biggest sickness in the world is the craving for the approval from the society"

A master stroke for me. The friend N again proved herself while we discussed our own struggles and stories. It is the root cause of each of my worries and actions since long. I pondered over it that night. Digesting it,was almost like throwing a big heavy bag from my shoulder which has its handle still in my hand. Some day I would throw the handle as well from my hand. I understand my problem better than ever now!

Wisdom Number # 1001: Guys have a box called 'Nothingness' in their mind, which they tend to use the most.

Friend N, described the video she had seen before, in that small warm room where I along with Bro-buddy and Sister-In-Law were ready to take the knowledge! This wisdom brought a clouser to my doubt which said the same about Mr.ISB and my dad. The state of nothingness is a fictitious state for a female but I always doubted that it existed in some of the guys. Bro-buddy and Mr.ISB approved of the fact as well, and with that this wisdom became 'the biggest truth of life ever found for my Sister-In-Law!'

Wisdom Number # 007: "Jinki Gadi lagi hoti hai unko kabhi nind nahi ati!"

Directly from the bus driver. Yes. While coming back to Delhi from Manali , a truck driver whom we doubt was drunk could not apply the hand break or even change the gear on the slope which crashed the driver glass of our bus. He was caught with all papers of the truck and made to sit in our bus which took him to the police station  on the way. Unlike normal physical fights, our bus driver took it to his heart to put some sense in the young truck driver's mind. He asked him to call the truck owner, which was not picked. Our bus driver now believed that the owner knew that this truck driver was a lost cause and so he was not picking up the phone. The truck driver tried to convince him that the owner would have been asleep as it was 12 am already. This was the moment when the wisdom was delivered by our bus driver, approved by four supply chain officers in our gang including yours truly.

When a logistic company owner hires a driver and puts the truck with goods on the road he can not sleep properly till the truck reaches the destination. The floating possession which gives him bread and butter holds the risk of being stolen, meeting with an accident and many more. This is true for any dream-chaser or a risk taker. Once you are in the water, you can not sleep. You have to swim.


While making peace, we derived some wisdom. Does that happen to you too?


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