September 11, 2015

The Spiti Story-3

If you have come across this link by fluke, you can soak in madness here in story-1 & story-2!

When  I came to know what Marial Rukeyser said long back, I could not agree more.
 "The world is made up of stories and not atoms."

If you come across some wise and some adrenaline provoking quotes in a cozy place which you never want to leave, while the rest of the world around it freezes in the cold, how do you feel? Well, I can not describe the feeling but it was not the only quote I read that night.

When we left Sisu, we did not really know that those six hours of travelling would be so worth our efforts to keep our bums glued to car-seats and struggles to keep our bodies intact while travelling on those rocky roads. We were heading to Kaza. Crossing cold streams and white clouds had become usual. Himalayan peaks kept on peeping to trace our presence. Mr.ISB kept on sleeping during the ride while some of us praised his super natural ability to sleep anywhere. Touchwood.

This trip if nothing, proved one thing. In front of Nature the man is very small. When we worship 'Panch Mahatatva' or 'Five elements' - Sky, Water, Land, Fire and Air - we pray the nature. The nature is nothing but almighty!

The atmosphere in the car while travelling to Kaza (Tempo Traveler is a car, okay?) changed from sleepy to hungry, junk to musical. Music made us travel in the old world of melodies. Also made us float in the air of new hippy songs. "College mein nayi nayi aai ik ladaki hai", "Sawanr lu" & some other peppy songs were sung together thanks to playlists created friend N and SIL.

When we saw Hotel Denzor after getting drenched in the beauty of this valley, we felt like home. The yellow blue door with lots of stickers was just a window to the sunshine. Walls with quotes, book shelves filled with books (my favorite part!), beautifully made rooms and hot water in buckets made us realize our mistake of staying here only for a night.

To my good, we also got Wifi (No network for mobile phones!) which made me message our parents about our whereabouts. Honestly none of us were really into 'the getting back to the virtual world' mode. Mobile phones were only cameras now. We had started living in the real world, in the present. Some lines from the song 'Yeh Moh Moh ke dhage' can justify the feeling,

"Tez hai Dhara, Behete hai hum Awara..
Aa tham ke saanse le Yahan...."  

Ah, this is also the place where my SIL asked Friend N to lock herself up in the room which was shared by me and SIL. No, I am not that 'Khaufnak Aurat' who can burn her SIL but while I was floating around & flipping books downstairs, all she (SIL) wanted to do was to take bath in hot water. She just wanted to make sure that I enter the room whenever I want to, without waiting for her to come out. Some how I managed to find that friend N had the key to my room! :D

After devouring delicious food (Kheer on top of that!) and checking some good books, some of us walked in the cold dessert as I would like to call it. Some like me I chose to just bundle myself in the blanket and sleep. Just to get up at 6 am in the morning next day!

I felt surprisingly fresh when I got up and went down stairs to read those Travel Magazines collected by himI walked for some time in the lobby and the backyard while waiting for others to get up. I was keen on feeding myself some porridge, omelettes and fruits. I also grabbed a mug of coffee which tasted better than the over hyped coffee Start-bucks of the world make.

Some where I wanted to implement this quote I read there, and sail the Spiti without 'Baggage'!

From Denzor, we traveled to the Ki Monastery. A world of Lamas situated right at the peak from where you can appreciate the mighty Spiti Valley with wide eyes!

The Monastery was enjoyed by inhaling the peace inside the temple. We could meet a team making a documentary on the life of Lamas. Child monks in maroon robes shied away from us while a monk with a smart jacket (?) managed to get into the car with us. 

The fun had just started as we had to visit one more monetary with the 'Lama' and experience the sky with hundreds of shining stars!

PS: Whenever I age and you, Mr.ISB want me to cherish my memories with your bank account full of money, you can gift ourselves a stay for 4-5 days at Denzor. I would just say,'Welcome' and start preparing for the journey. 

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