September 30, 2012

War of the words, pens!

A pen is mightier than a sword, and that is where my imagination runs wild!!

I mean what if we can put 'pens' in place of swords in hands of all warriors of 'Mahabharata'?! Of course the act would have saved us from the loss of people and the loss of human emotions. Apart from that I am not  very sure of the heroic epic staying the heroic one and not turning into a weird one,may be!

If we start from the main hero's early days, non other than Krishna's childhood, he would have conquered all Rakshas with his verbal arguments (So true, he actually narrated the 'Geeta'!) Due the powerful wisdom all those devil creatures would have died. Basically it happens when spammers and annons die on blogs. They attack on a blogger by commenting rudely or in indecent ways and suddenly the whole blogger world will attack on him or her verbally and he would die on the blog sphere. If Krishan would have used 'Pen' or 'Words', we would have a phrase 'Baton ke bhoot lato se nahi manate!!' No wonder if with the Morpichha Krishna would have put a pen also!

I can see, baby Pandavas actually made sit in front of 'Draunacharya' and do some brain storming for the next blog post or the creative article. In that case Sahadeva and Nakul would have become a great critics too, if we consider their special natural skills. The warrior Arjun would have loved his 'Parkar' pen and would have mastered the 'Shabda Yuddha'! I must say, the way we worship the writing style of some bloggers or authors, Eklavya would have been inspired by the Guru and just because he should not write, Draunacharya would have asked for his thumb- with which he would have gripped the sword of words. I guess he could have tried writing by another hand? Ah, I missed a point, The Guru would have asked for two hands and not a thumb, who is going to write with a pen, if a laptop is there!!

As we know the 'Dhvandha Yuddha', where two heroes fight with each other and no one comes in between would have been so interesting.Both writers will argue verbally on a public forum and as per those rules, no one will take side of any one!! One can also link videos and photos just like people do in Face Book to stand on their views!

A team of editors would have played critics on the opposite team's  blogs and articles, just like these Apples and Samsungs fight. 'Sanjay' would have given some 'Mirchis' for the personal touch to the narration. The real 'Mahabharata' would have been the best epic combining all write ups by these team, showing all skills to attack with words!

But then I realized, what if with those words and those pens, the team members would have started killing each other. When words would have failed, emotions would have flown by killing each other with  nibs of those pens along with verbal talks. Just like Me and my brother used to do in childhood.(Yes, I had a wild-violent child hood sans situations where mom used to be closer to us!)

For me and my brother or the sets of siblings it is fine, for the great Mahabharata, I can not imagine lakhs of solders armed with pens and sharpening nibs in the battle field- ultimately pointing towards the enemy!!Shooting pens and words of course, to kill the foes of the creative writing and freedom of expressions!

War of the words!! War of the words and pens!!!

I better stop here!

PS: Okay, now I have no intention of making a structured post any more. I suck at the flow. The Queen of scattered emotions, I have become! :D


  1. Bubblegum,

    LOL on this ZARAA HATKE POST. You made my imagination go wild.

    Take care

  2. So you have had a good flight of imagination!

  3. I somehow liked the analogy there ! :)