November 1, 2012

A Thursday bliss!

I heard a soothing rhythm of 'Jaltarang'! Instead of feeling relaxed, something inside me started getting disturbed. Is Papa playing Sitar and I am not able to identify the instrument? No It cant happen. He must be playing on his laptop. No but he never does that, he uses his ipod. Oh no, he is in India , I am in Singapore. What is happening?

Oh it is raining outside!!Just like it used to rain in Mumbai and while taking lunch in the canteen or walking from home to office; I am falling in love with the rain again! I got up from my bed and walked to the balcony.

This was it. The Rain drops falling on the railings and creating soul triggering sounds! Suddenly..

Oh my God, I had slept off? I had slept off while studying? I slept off for 3 hours non-stop? After getting a tight goodnight sleep of seven hours?

Is this just those tiny tablets for cold? Or The new place is homely enough to make me sleep in peace?An insomniac like me can sleep so much, how?

My hands working subconsciously  to make 'Kadak Adarakhwali Chai' and with the mug in my hands, listening to the 'jaltarang' of nature in true sense, I smiled and opened the Blog spot!

The churning in my mind turning into a Thursday bliss! Home away from home!


  1. what a coincident..checking ur updates..while having coffee ..not raining here at pune ..but a wintery afternun n cool bedroom..just came from office re..

  2. Nice! Sleep more to enjoy more :P

  3. Bubblegum,

    Whatever the reason be,you had a much needed sound sleep awakening to bliss of listening to such nice music offered by Mother Nature.

    Take care

    1. True :)I am not sure what happened suddenly (Seriously!), may be I like the new 'home' a lot :)

  4. A person living in poverty all his life surprised at having won a lottery. Your situation is akin to that situation.


    1. Poverty and lottery in terms of Food :P Home cooked foood!

  5. Nice to read about your blissful enjoyment of 'Jaltarang' in your mind's ear!

    Whenever it rains, I sit in my front varandah and enjoy the music of rain.