December 29, 2012

Let us live, Mother India!

Dear Mother India,

You lost your dignity a few days back, no it was not because you were blamed for your character.Your daughter, in your own lap was gang raped. I can not explain what kind of psychopathic rape it was, and she fought for twelve days against those injuries and the soul tried to be in the very body. She failed. Honestly it was a miracle she could survive these many days.Your morality, your dignity, your respect everything is killed today,not only with this brave heart but with all those girl every minute getting raped in this country.

The leaders who were suppose to protect you and your people are busy indulging in making money and saving criminals from their deeds taking the shelter of corruption  Sad, but they are those bunch of people who were elected by us. In a way we failed. We, common people includes women who are harassed sexually in different ways, every day, have failed to voice our rights. When those males comment on us, touch different parts of our bodies in the bus or the train, scan us with dirty eyes, we failed to answer them back. We were taught to keep quiet as these people are suppose to have link ups with politicians who might save them and torture us.When our male friends are allowed to roam around anytime anywhere, we are taught to come back before dark for our safety, we are asked to wear specific apparel.When the three year old gets raped, does she provoke the guy with her clothes?Basically women in this country are not given basic rights.If any of our friends, brothers or uncles try to save us,they are beaten too. All countries have such anti social elements but their law works, their leaders and police work. India yours have stooped down to the level which I can not express.

When I was twelve or something, I was going to my school on my bicycle, I experienced something uncommon, a person on the scooter tried to touch me in a weird way. I was shocked, scared and uncomfortable  No, I did not tell this to my parents, I had seen those movies. Parents should not feel bad. The same incident had variations in coming years, from bad to worst. I still argued with everyone that I love you the way you are, I had faith that some day the system will bring justice.I dared to go alone anywhere, anytime if needed.Not any more. I am scared to death now. I don't feel safe anywhere and now when my parents ask me when will I come back home every evening I don't get angry. I just save my soul, suppress my feelings and come back home relieved that I am alive.

Mother India, you will be raped too with each girl in this country. May be this is your fate. If you don't want this fate, let us raise our voices. Let us slap all those males who rape us with eyes and dirty touches everyday. Let us give painful 'life' to those rapists. Let us live, for God's sake.

An angry female soul.


  1. Bubblegum,

    I entirely agree with you that it is WE who have failed. Unfortunately in few weeks this will become part of statistics and media will focus on something else. It is not only our legal system or governance which needs to be purged but our whole system or mindset of society.

    Take care

  2. There is clamour for enacting harsh laws for punishing rapists. The root lies in the fact the intending criminals do not fear laws; they think that they will escape. And many such people have escaped punishment.

    As you have succinictly put it, does a 3-year old girl, by her dress, provoke the man to commit the heinous crime?

    It is a national shame.