May 1, 2013

Putting things together.

Life has become  a game of puzzles. You have a bigger picture, you have a dream but there are some pieces of results-emotions not attached to each other. You have to connect those corners-sharp and not so sharp with each other, you have to pick the perfect piece and make your dream come true. That is what my life is , as of now.

There are many things to update. With my broken and semi functional laptop,exams-irritations around the corner it is becoming really difficult to blog even when I open the screen to type things out. There are some trillions of emotions fighting with each other in my mind and with my own people around me sometimes I feel alone- not because no body is supporting me, may be physical distance is taking its toll. Thinking about an India trip very soon. I am done with Singapore- that is one of the biggest emotions taking shape in my heart.

Just a few hours before an exam which is more of a story telling and a day before the most difficult and hopefully the last so out of the window subject of my academic life , I am blogging things out, yeah just like blabbering emotions out. As I know the morning dullness which was generally a spark before, will just disappear with a new post on the blog.

Things are complex and I am leaving to time as of now. I don't have energy to fight, cry or crib as of now.

Things will iron out themselves- as it was put by a friend of mine. Amen.


  1. Yes, one feels lighter by expressing emotions out.But which things are complex needing fight or crying about?

    And 'done with Singapore'? Feeling home-sick?

    Don't worry; things will straighten out soon.

    1. Yeah homesickness, a lot of it. Exams going on so affecting more. Some where something is bugging me to leave the industry and do something fulfilling. Lets see.