May 8, 2013

Billions of events and one elated soul

So my finale written exams are over. Hopefully they are last exams of its kind in my life, I am happy for it. Though it ended with many challenges in coming in for next one year. Be it my personal life or my professional life. So many things in my brain and heart, so apt, the title is 'Billions of events and one elated soul'!

Each of my line in this post might call for a separate post, but today I am just in a mood to state them and not explaining them.Be sure I am going to come with a new post everyday once I have my new laptop in my lap!

The biggest decision is moving- back to India. I am graduating in August and so I am hunting for a my kind of a job in India, hopefully there are better chances over there than in Singapore. The India as my finale location, was not a decision taken thinking too much. It was decided before I came here in Singapore. Just that people kept on laughing on me and they still do. My social life, emotions and self respect is much more important than struggle to get a job in Singapore , then to fight for a work permit and live a lonely life here for those thirty thousand INR more each month. Yeah Singapore has almost halved the recruitment of foreigners on e-pass. As they say now, 'Singapore is for Singaporeans'!

A break is what I need. A break from text books and a break from the current atmospheric conditions.  Check list of my  education is over and now the wishlist of my life is what I am preparing. Learning calligraphy, pottery, making a portfolio or even say, roaming around places and clicking photos. Lots to do and I know this time will never ever come back. Better I take the so called break and give my life the acceleration.

What I want to do in my life.? A lot of things. Professionally and personally. Undefined and some defined goals. Calls for a bigger post. A spark of doing something unique and non traditional yet routed to culture is not going to be easy, right?

Relations. A roller coaster life. I am 25 and that is making things really messy. My mother has a big list of her-dreams-about-me and I have a bigger list on please-let-me-live-my-life. She is right at her place, I am rebellious on my place. A bond of friendship is turning into a James Bond movie brand fighting. She is dreaming of a handsome, smart, educated, gulp, a guy from my caste and I am, well not dreaming about anything.My dad is trying to balance.

And last but may be the first. Getting a laptop which I can throw away in two years. Yeah that's the life they can enjoy when with me.


  1. All the best in the next journey of your life.

    Can I call you Daughter 3?

    1. Ofcourseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, In that case I will call you 'mota pappa'! :) No its not for a fat father figure, but the father who is elder to your father. In other words, Kaka. :) :P

  2. Bubblegum,

    Finally caught up with all pending posts. I will come back tomorrow to offer my comments. But before I leave let me wish you BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. I missed it due to not being well.

    Take care

    1. Thank you so much and I missed you. I read about your health but then I was worried to Uncle. How are you feeling now?