May 28, 2013

Worries and the written rant.

I thought I can just write them up, my tensions and worries. Unlikely what people think, I am not so cool types. I am an ultra worrier. I am one pile of tensions and if I don't have anything to worry about, I cry. Enough let me start and vent it out.

  1. Worried about job. I have time till august to graduate and finish, yet I am worried. A little bit due to the market and more due to my choices. India and a strong profile are my demands and it seems they make me a total picky girl.
  2. Whole world, this whole world is worried about my marriage. The guy is not the subject, they all want to get me married off as soon as possible within a year's time. Horrid. I can listen to every one, but not every day. I have other 28494904 things to manage.
  3. My mom. She has become so caring after the accident that she might not let me go to the next room without her supervision. That also means my Mumbai plan next week has been postponed for some indefinite  period of time. That also means I am going to rant as I absolutely have no friends around me. Yeah there are three busy people in my city who are almost angles as of now.
  4. I hate my phone now. I stare at the screen for some unknown miracles and nothing happens. Nothing. I never thought I would play with applications more and message or call less with my awesome phone.
  5. I miss Rains, beaches, room mates back Singapore and main, Chai. Sorry Chai wali tai. 
  6. There is one wish getting shaped up in my mind. I want to take a really big break from all these tensions and explore the world, or say at least do something new or something I am passionate about. With stitched head and mom, I really cant do anything except talking to her and reading. Wait I cook sometimes, watch TV and stare at blank mails. 
  7. The heat kills me and the AC makes me mad by gifting me migraine every now and then. Nothing, Nothing in the world can cure it. I know, I have got rid of the real one years back but it doesn't go off my life.
  8. I need peace, I miss some one. A lot to blog about before people start guessing things.
  9. When your own buddy bluffs , you create a strange wall around you. It hurts.
  10. Good with it now. I am going to be really happy today. Its all written, published and thrown away.
Have a Goodie Goodie day.


  1. I'll ruin it by saying it. We miss you here!

  2. Good that you say 'I am going to be really happy today.'

    Don't worry; be happy!!! Always remind yourself, 'This will pass. This also will pass.'

    Read my post 'The Great Worrier'.