May 14, 2013

She can make me cry too!

She and her mom with me were walking towards the bus stand. We had told her several times that 'Masi' needs to take a bus so she has to walk quickly. The little kiddo wanted to explore everything coming her way. May be she did not listen to us.

So we were constantly chatting. Even now when I am typing this, I am still not done with packing and I have a flight tomorrow. I am still not digesting the fact that I might not come back here. Of course I hate to say Good byes so, talks were more on my future.

The bus came and her mom gave me a hug and I suddenly wanted to say 'bye' to the kiddo. She was one of the motivation for me to stay here. How a toddler can love you is something she has taught me. Her giggling and games with me, makes me forget all my pain. Here she was in a state of shock seeing me waving bye. I looked at her mom, in fact I could not. I was entering the bus and I had realized I am going away.

The face my little kiddo made is still inside my mind. I am sure she would have forgotten the whole 'Masi is going' thing in a minute, I hope so, but I am still stuck at the moment.

I want to again play with her, hug her, make her drink water from my bottle- dhakkan fill water-style for some other billion times. I want to read books to her while she happily sits in my lap. I want to run with her on the beach and talk talk talk talk.

I never knew going away from a  little toddler will make me upset to this level. Never.


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    1. :) Sorry Uncle I could not answer you. Reached home a day back!

  2. Bubblegum,

    Sorry I could not keep my promise to return the next day to offer my comments. I am sure you would understand and forgive me. I will do it a s a p. Children have a way to win heart without much of effort. I too love their innocent friendship. I have a lot of toddler friends who can hardly talk but when I go down to the small park in our complex, they toddle to me to shake hands. A little one who is just over a year gives flying kiss when she sees me. It really makes me so happy to interact with them.

    How I wish I could send an e-card to you but the choice is entirely yours to contact me. My id is in my profile.

    Take care

    1. Bingo. Of course uncle. and how is your health?? Isnt it too bad if you have to say sorry? :) Be healthy fatafat :P