May 24, 2013

The event and the conclusion!

I even don't want to give links of all those blogs posts where I have described how many times I have fallen off the road with absolutely no reasons at all. Last one year every time I had to fly, I have hurt my knees and ankles, some times small injuries and some times till months I had suffered. This time while flying back to India, I had followed the tradition as well. Of course mom dad and friends were shocked when heard about my passion towards following the so called tradition.

What happened a day back was something beyond the sum of all other injuries. I wanted to apply for the ADHAR card as I had missed it when these people came to my office, so I thought this time I should and my dad totally agreed to the thought.

So at around eleven in the morning, I thought no one will come to apply I left home with all documents. I saw some fifteen people in the line, and joined them. Later I came to know they all had family members with them who were taking rest in the nearby cafe type shops. I was standing there for some two hours and got a call from mom who asked me to come back as temperature in Ahmedabad reaches around 45 in the noon. I said let me finish today only, it will take an hour only. I cut the call and within a few seconds I started feeling something weird. Before I can take any decision, I found a dirty socks in front of my nose and a wet cloth on my forehead.

I had fainted on the stairs and the step had hurt me on my head, quite an amount of blood I saw on the wet napkin (not thaaaaaat much though), I was not able to open my mouth and the aunty who had a talk with me before, took my mobile which was ringing continuously as my mom had some sixth sense that something is going wrong with me! The aunty informed my mom who later on called my dad and brother who were nearer to the venue.

By the time they came, I was able to open my eyes. My brother who is a huge figured guy now, supported me and threw me inside the car! (Yeah yeah okay he did it with care!) , my dad called my fufa who is a plastic surgeon and within ten minutes I was in his operation theater where my bua was lecturing me about how one should keep on drinking water in this pathetic heat.

After the three stitches and before that a local anesthesia injection, I was bored to hell while elders were busy in talking! (Thats the trait of almost-all-doctors family!) One more injection and I slept off.

In the evening I was at home and became a joke of the family by then. They almost decided to make an annual maintenance contract with  causality wards of all hospitals.

Anyway when I pinged my best friend saying what had happened, he called me back and declared.

"Your center of gravity is wrongly places and so you fall every now and then."

My dad at the reason, "Such an intelligent conclusion!"

Me. :/

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  1. When my Daughters I and II were small, I used to take them to a park near our residence. We used to go there by walk. Daughter II used to stumble frequently and would have fallen but for the fact that I used to hold her hand firmly. Every time, Daughter I used to count the number of times D II had stumbled and report this to their mother!

    Hope you are fine now.