May 25, 2013

Lesson of love.

That was the moment when may be I was falling down from the stairs due to the heat. May be it was only for a few seconds or may be not, I almost saw myself diving into a dark well of thoughts. I was thinking something deep down. I clearly remember a stream of thoughts. Only one stream, as I felt that was a sea of thoughts and I remember only this one.

I clearly understood what I wanted to do if I would have died of the head injury. Of course it was silly and I might get bashing by friends who might not like this sentence. Honestly I wanted to do only one thing.

I wanted to express my love to all people whom I loved THE MOST. May be I would have compromised on numbers if it would have happened really, albeit with a pinch of sorrow.

I knew what is important in my life and who all are. Or may be who is, how much. I almost cried to show how much I love them. I wanted to hug them and more than myself I was worried about how they felt seeing me leaving them. I wanted to make them feel good while I was going.

From the very moment, I want to meet every one I love and say how much I care for them. How much they mean to me. Something I am craving for which is not being expressed properly.

Some times it is not possible. Still it is important to me almost like my life.


  1. This is one good thing out of your injury. What I suspect you had in mind back here for months in Singapore is now finally coming out as a post. Always so late, are you?

    Also, begs the question: head injury changed something?

  2. Its. The best written, sometime resembles to my life. Being a man, i don't know how should i express my emotions to my loved ones. I care for them love them 24*7 but expressing them i don't how it even i speek less but it does not mean i am not there for you.

    a wonderful article dear blogger bublegum....