May 18, 2013

Titbits to tell!

I started this blog some two years before? Really? Time flies.
It stuck to me a few days before when I had no laptop in my hand to type and let things go out of my brain and heart system. I had cravings to just blog about things and my dreams. So now when I have some super shocking, nervous and excited events going on in my life, how can I stop myself to just blog something out on this creation of mirror-self.

So let me catch up with titbits happening all around me and to me as well.

Landing on the run way of my home town was fascinating. I wanted to take  that air in my body, what if it was really really really hot there at ten in the night. Seeing my super cool mom in long Kurti and jeans was over whelming. No doubt from where my spirit of keeping myself updated with fashion comes from, well I never implement is one more topic to discuss. Dad, mom and younger brother drove me  home and I was almost sleepy-drowsy and cranky. Yeah all hidden expressions to get pampered came out.

Life is smooth with a little bit nostalgia in mind after that. I always felt stressed back at Singapore that how am I going to adjust back home with so much heat and change of environment, it took a micro second to adjust. As I always say colors, emotions, feelings with million shades make India my home. I am amazed how well I said that, now.

The garden, with my dad's amazing ideas to save our siblings-plants, Mom's new collection of fabrics and books, Brother's new driving skills and fitness success- Definitely I am loving it.

Of course this blog post is a shattered mess of what I really want to say, I promise to come back as soon as possible. Letting things settle down. :)

Chalo ab chai pini hai.


  1. "a shattered mess of what I really want to say" ha ha that is totally the right statement for perhaps the last one year :D

  2. Welcome back home!

    Landing in the runway at Ahmedabad and taking the Indian air into the body would have been a very very pleasing experience.