April 6, 2015

aPOINTment! #1

Okay, straight to the point points :

  • After four farewells, I am finally relieved. I have joined the new start up I always talked about but never blogged about. For a month I would be shuffling between Pune and Mumbai. Hopefully things would be smooth after a month. The baggage of a thankless and a lifeless job is thrown in to the dustbin & I am ready to rock.
  • I miss my friends from the thankless office. They were only the motivation for me to stick to it for last three months and work in the notice period as well. We, a group or rather a gang of five made a closed ecology inside the office of 5000 people. A blog on this is pending since long.
  • After enjoying working for four days in the new Mumbai office till 8 pm and not getting exhausted was a new thing for me. After years. No non value added calls - meetings , a series of jokes we play on each other and our discussions on how to make the new small office more colorful. I am back in Pune now for some more days before I relocate in a full fledged manner.
  • We have green tea addicts at the new office which makes me miss my Chai-buddies, the gang of five warriors even more. 
  • We had an awesome visit from Mr.ISB's ISB flatmate - the one and only Mr.Quadie as I call. The chit chatter and another chit chatter (Yours truly) chattered to much to bug Mr.ISB! Such pleasant visits by friends are needed once in a blue moon. Of course, I attacked him with home made Palak Paneer and Kheer which was appreciated which served as a kick for my future cooking ventures! 
  • I have got a permanent Mumbai number! It is a big deal for me as this number is likely to be a super long term number for me. I have changed 4 numbers in 4 years and people have started throwing verbal brickbats on me already. They stop only when I tell them that this should be the last number I would ever get.
  • I have got horridly pissed off with Facebook. My friends with whom I need to keep in touch are the only road breaker in between to each the Facebook-less life. Not that I keep on checking it every now and then. I have totally banned FaceBook application on my mobile. Well, I have got Quora to get addicted to. The only good part is I am gaining something by dwelling on the Quora platform.
  • I really want to blog more than I am since last 4 months. When things are going a bit on better side, blogging toh banata hai boss! :)
Dont you think so?


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