August 16, 2016

Chaitime Chit Chat # 1

Because nothing can replace chitchat sessions over a couple of cups of my type of tea. Well, may be long walking sessions with my own people but they are very few. I thought of starting this series because I was bored of bullet points and every time I write such posts it makes me feel as if I am writing for online magazines like ScoopWhoop. Nope, not acceptable. Hence, this. Pick a cup of tea or coffee, pull that chair. Lets talk.

So We celebrated Rakhi with all my relatives back in Gujarat and it was Fun to the tee. I got a couple of ethnic Sarees (Handloom) and can not wait to flaunt them this month. How I wish I could be the part of #100Sareespact some day but the lack of opportunities where I can really wear sarees demotivates me. I am slowly learning how to drape the gorgeous piece of cloth in an elegant way. More I learn,more I love sarees and mind you, every piece of heritage looms comes with a story which makes hands-me-down sarees lovelier. So, you give me an option of taking any of your old Sarees,I would go for it rather than buying a new one for me.

I have become 'Masi' last month. My cousin (The only elder sister in the clan I have) has been blessed with a baby girl - The US of A never attracted me more.I so wish to plan for a trip next year to see the jumping kiddo. Her daily updates are being sent on WhatsApp and it is too cute to see my doctor sister taking care of her own child while throwing sarcastic comments like 'We like to play at 2 in the night' with the baby's photo.

My Frock Buddy N is in India and of course, we met, we talked and felt as if we still are neighbors. This feeling of 'Never went away' even after living in two different countries for months is magical.Not to forget Milo, which I love and was gifted to me by her. Every day and night, its going to be Milo now, Sorry, my morning Chai.

My office work is hectic but it does suck me in, in a passionate way. Hence, I do not feel irritated at all. My office timings fly. Touch wood. People at office have been more than helpful,of course they tease the hell out of me. They are brutal while giving feedback but now I am slowly changing. Sulking period after such incidents are now shaping up into something productive inside me. I am accepting feedback with an open heart and if something I do not agree to, well I just throw it out of my system.

Talking about flights, we got real lucky when we could board the plan after entering in the airport at 9.48 pm for our 10.10 pm flight because we had web checked in and also the flight was late. Go Air this time saved us with its virtue of being true Indian- always late.

Enough about things going around me. Things within me are much more painful. Hyper active nature does not let me live peacefully. Right from doing this and that every minute to not tolerating a bit of change in the plan. Flexibility and patience of mind which teaches you to respond to the situation becomes zero in such cases. I am one of the victims who is more like the guilty, making others victim quickly - faster than you imagine. This trait has disappointed me a lot lately and I have zero inclination on working on it, as there is a big vacuum filed within which has made my senses numb enough to register surroundings. Faff, I know. Leave it.

I have been planning to host a dinner, wear sarees a couple of times, paint a card, paints a pot, run a mile and soak myself in some sort of oneness. This August.

How about you?

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