August 9, 2016

The Delegating Couple

While we were travelling back from Goa to Mumbai, tired and bored due to our oh-so-much-time-but-nothing-exciting-to-do-day, on the airport we saw this newly married (?) couple sitting beside us-I had deliberately left five seats between to save myself from the embarrassment resulting from giggles I generally throw seeing mushy couples. Mr.ISB was buying snacks for us, fifteen steps away  while I chose to just relax relieving my shoulder from the heavy bag.

Once he came back with Kathi rolls and some chocolate bars, we started chitchatting which was interrupted coyly by the lady- the wife from the mushy couple. She softly asked (Read: Whisper) if we can see their bags while they go to buy something to eat. I took some fifteen seconds to recollect those soft words to assemble in a meaningful statement and said yes.

Once they went, within five minutes I could not control.

Bubblegum: Why do they have to go together to buy snacks? One can sit and keep an eye on bags and the other....
Mr.ISB: The girl has not yet learnt to delegate work it seems.
Bubbelgum: Oh yes, my ex-boss used to say that I would be a brilliant manager because I smartly delegate work to my colleagues.
Mr.ISB: My ex-boss used to say I am so smart that  even the manager does not realize who is the manager and who is the subordinate.

*Rolling eyes*

We are  actually made for each other!


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  1. Yes, delegating has to be done with so much finesse that the delegatee does not realize what is happening, he/she takes up the job joyfully!!!