August 5, 2016

Pouring in

The day started today with an early morning alarm, which I could not snooze. We had to go to a small Pooja organized by the mother-in-law. But,there was something special about the day, the other way. It was pouring cats and dogs. And,how is it possible that I do not enjoy tea (even if it was way too light for my taste) sitting near the huge window we have at home. The musical nodes followed by rains drops, taste buds sulking to get some Masala chai and nothing else.

After rushing back from the temple,drenched, I changed- fed myself and left for the office.By now water clogging had already started and I was speculating typical Mumbai style human jam on the platform but I was surprised to see not many (Mumbai parameters!) passengers. Trains were getting cancelled and delayed but some how I managed to reach office, again fully drenched.

I could not control myself and went straight to our cafe where the chef made exactly my type of tea- dark, gingery and not sweet. While having this treat, I enjoyed observing our beautiful cafe on sixth floor of one of the tallest building in Mumbai.

While going to the office from this place was as difficult as leaving my first job- important but heart wrenching. In the lift,some one mentioned being fed up of such rains. I felt blah over it, taking out my raincoat and observing water droplets falling on the floor from my umbrella.

Never ever I would hate rains.

Rains <3

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