August 24, 2016

Run or Ramble #1

So I started running- or to be precise, kicked off interval training. I am far from running even a 5K with some decent timing but I am not giving up. The thought of endorphin kicking in and getting drenched in sweat, itself is a motivation for me. Hopefully, it would be always.

When I get up in the morning and start at around 6.40 am after the warm up - Mumbai is still opening eyes from its not very sound sleep. Roads are generally empty and I can spot fitness freaks or 'forced' fitness freaks doing some kind of a work out - walking, brisk walking or running. The monsoon has some how vanished but the atmosphere is generally pleasant at this time of the morning. So this humble beginner lets the music play on mobile and kick start the Nike App running to measure the hard work.

The most appealing highlight of running is introspection which comes with it. I keep on talking to myself about random stuff- some times  related to fitness and sometimes not. It is similar to loosing yourself in a tunnel where the only direction is to go ahead and suddenly you reach the end- you realize you have been running/fast walking for some time. I am yet to achieve great timing but I have a feeling that this 'Loosing myself in the tunnel world' will make me reach my goal than 'Runner's high'.

Matunga so far is green and so my run to the five gardens is quirky. I see different aged people doing their morning work out with brilliant zest. Aunties in Sarees/Salwars, Uncles in old fashioned half pants, Some enthusiastic in sports wear and some grand mothers (Parsis live long any way!) in frocks! We look at each other with curiosity , some times gain inspiration, some times cheer each other up by silent smiles and sometimes just pass by without registering. My return brisk walk is initially tossed up by the smell of coffee thanks to south Indian cafes serving 'Filter Coffee' near by but then it gets messed up by school bus traffic near home. May be I need to start a bit early.

Post running hours are challenging in a way - first I experience a boost of energy with super hungry stomach roaring. I have been experimenting a bit with post running snacks - Khakhras with peanut butter (Controlling my love for it and also avoiding bread!) and a mug full of Milo. Once I am done with my morning work at home/lunch box packing/cleaning mess - I have a little chunk of freshly cooked breakfast as well. Things appear 'Happy High' for a while but thanks to my not-so-active life style my body then starts feeling tired and a bit sleepy once I reach office. Some of my friends who are avid runners say these signs should subside in a month or I need to increase and properly curate my breakfast - ideally half of it should be carbs and the other half protein. Well,lets wait and watch! Also, I have been advised to do warm up exercise and post run stretches properly,which I am trying to learn as well.

Then there is something called Stamina which I am trying to improve a bit every day. It pisses me off if I do not graduate from the already achieved number. When people ask me 'Why am I trying to run for 4 kms at a stretch' I feel like googling  and show them numbers people achieve. (Marathoners, just pretend you did not read this!) Both sets of mothers have tried to convince me to do this only on Sundays but I'm trying to ignore them royally.

I am ready to shed my failures this time. I really really do not want to give up. I really want to tone up my body and feel the runner's high. In that order.

What do you think? :-D

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