July 31, 2012

Equatorial rains!

Hardly two three times I experienced rains in Singapore, Yeah I completed a week in Singapore finally!

Rains are always nostalgic isn't it? Well for a girl like me, after 24 years of life in India, who is in Singapore to study!Wont she be just travelling in the past while just watching rains out of a big window of the room with a cup of cold french venilla capppuccino?

Well not every time!Equatorial rains are different.

I think 'Fark to  hai'!

Rain drops here are big, huge! Seriously. I guess it can hurt the skin. The one I am observing today. There is no 'mitti' and so there is no smell. In fact not even as little as Mumbai. Rains started without even the pre-rain weather we feel in India.No breeze, no wet smell,no dark clouds and no sun!Everything came up suddenly. Equatorial rains I guess!

I wanted a cup of hot cappuccino , I realized there is no CCD over here. I made a cup on my own but there is a difference, right?

There are no radio mirchi stations where 'Monsoon special' songs are put in the air.

There are no puddles to step into and play with the mud over here. There are no masala chai, dal vada or corn stalls to add to the smell of rains!

There are no street kids playing around in this awesome rains. There are no vegetable vendors trying to cover their vegetables with plastic sheets on the streets. There are no kids floating paper boats! There are no officials rushing to the offices or banks with umbrellas and raincoats like Mumbai.

There are no pedestrians walking carefully not to fall into pits.

System ruins beauty sometimes.

'Mom, lets have a cup of coffee and sit in the balcony of our old home?' Talking of habits.

There are no Maggie loving people to share Maggie with me today. Talking of best buddies in India.

Hey Equatorial rains, why don't you just let Indian rains come over here for a while?


  1. Nice!! Exactly how most of us(Indians) would feel... Its bland in here... Even the rains lack emotions.. and the people here seem to have very few emotions too... And they are so extraordinarily polite that it almost seems fake... And I agree.. The rain drops are insanely huge here!!

    Keep the posts coming... :)

  2. there is no fun with rain there like here in India....... so that you can enjoy the rain of India much more when u'll return!!

  3. Bubblegum,

    No fun in rains? How can one feel the thrill?

    Take care

  4. Thank God there's no petrichor here. It'd soooo ruin the major 'Swades' feel that we have when we go abroad.

  5. Same here about the people....Rain is like India...Beautiful.....But people are fake.....