July 18, 2012

Restless Shooting!

No, again, I am not going to learn shooting or something. I am dead tired with whatever is going on. Yeah it seems this is again a 'RANT' after last 2-3 similar posts, I guess. Whatever happens, blogging always makes me relaxed, so here I shoot from home!

  • I am still to meet 'n' numbers of relatives after completing (Infinite minus n) relatives and friends! I crave to stay at home and do some more packing but, no! The irritating factor is delays in get together. People are not free for me so every one will try to meet me in the evening or on dinners and I really cant cope with the all day work!
  • Ahmedabad is still not best at Public transportation (Things are improving in areas other than my area!), so when my brother is at college I become helpless without a vehicle! I am really repenting on having this ' Car Driving Phobia'! :/ I am really missing my parents so much, counting hours now! :)
  • Documentation! Tickets,passport, mark sheets, offer letters to what not the university people want! I have to keep them up to date and I am not sure how prepared I am! I need you, papa!
  • Packing-clothes, utensils,medicines and other zillion things! I hate to see the bed on which I have dumped things to pack! Papa has promised to do it for me as he is an expert, keeps on travelling out of India every month. Still I am tensed!
  • Sometimes I feel like throwing my mobile out of the window! So so many people call and I cant even breathe and do my work. I know they all love and care but it is taking too much for me to spend time for everyone and I end up feeling guilty if I don't! :/
  • Yeah managing home is super tough and I do 'Pranam' to all the super moms who manage home so well. Without them we are nothing!! Big time realization!
  • I have this friend 'Shane', 'Bro buddy' and 'Frock buddy N' who help me to calm down. I am sure they are prepared, have put on helmet to avoid my wrath in upcoming days! They are my stress busters! 
  • I have now only 4 days in India before I leave for Singapore. I am really looking forward to explore the new country and study hard! I am eager to meet some friends whom I have never met before! I am eager to go places! I guess these are the factors which motivate me! I have to keep going right?
  • Mid night, with heavy heart, tired eyes and a warning from a friend of mine to sleep, I publish the post and sleep tight! Good night :)


  1. Haha.. Chill !! u will do good in the end.
    Do meet up when u land :)
    and yeah, if u ever plan on throwing your mobile, through it at me, so that I can catch it :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    All the best.

    Take care

  3. All the very best.. I can understand as I am also going through most of these..

    Take care..!!