July 15, 2012

Planning for Hafta Vasooli!

Okay I have not completely become The Don-The Mumbaiya Don and so not going to do that Hafta Vasooli which you thought. Just a week and I will be flying to Singapore and So I decided rather than feeling nostalgic and Missing family,buddies and my India, I will plan to spend my 'Hafta' in a rocking and packing (?) way!

My parents are coming so needless to say I am going to indulge into awesome coffee sessions with dad,chocolate sessions with Mumma (Yeah we are choco-freaks!),leg pulling sessions. Above all I am going to make a menu for the whole hafta and enjoy my favorite desi food!  Ah, I wont mention which dishes, otherwise I will be tempted to eat them all right now!

I am missing Mumbai rains but Ahmedabad  rains are not bad this time! So, I kind of get the chance to get drenched every now and then, do I need to say I have the umbrella and still I get wet? :) I am going to do the same for the rest of the Hafta!

Packing- It is painful than even drinking The CT scan drink! :D I am going blank every time I see the big bag I bought from Mumbai and the  mess. I need mom dad so badly for this task. I am left with little things to buy and I hate to leave home! In addition to this boring situation I don't have a vehicle so I have to wait for my brother to come home and the poor (and still huge, strong and ah, demanding) brother of mine has to do the job and perform his 'farz' toward me :D

I am pretty sure mom is going to scold me for not packing anything but I have already rest my case on skype and she must be preparing herself to see the upcoming horrifying packing status :D

Frankly I am missing CCD-Mumbai so much that I am planning to drink at least a cup of coffee everyday for this Hafta! Ah, come on I cant spend my hard earned money on coffees while studying! :D I might learn to brew the coffee though :D

One more plan is to not to harass my best buddies by my 'Nostalgic' and 'Worried' status of mind. In fact I am not going to take tension and think more. Ah, Do I say it often? But this time no option. I want to enjoy India so so much that I don't have time for the Non-value-added activities.

I know this post is entirely scattered but dude, what do you expect from Bubblegum?! I am going to blog such ramblings too and register the whole experience!

PS: I am watching repeat episode of Satyamev Jayate and I am inspired by those dada-dadis who actually live so colorfully after sixty. :)


  1. Jitni aish karni hai kar le beta !! Only few more weeks :P
    But i guess, u will be too busy in here to think about missing India. :\

  2. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    Learn to cook awesone theplas first.necessity!!!coffee can come later.

  3. Bubblegum,

    Have all the fun while you can and then you will be back to grind. But that too is worth it as that will shape your future the way you want it. Have an enjoyable HAFTA.

    Take care

  4. Have a good time with your family during the 'Hafta'. Hope it will not be longer before you fly from Singapore to visit your family