July 1, 2012

Shift-delete and Sunday!

No, I was not busy cleaning the huge disk of my laptop or something like that. I was busy in shifting my accommodation for only ten days in the city of Mumbai! Yeah my landlord was adamant on taking over his place on first of this month and so, phew, my juniors allowed me to have a 'chhat and roti' in their place!

So, these two days were into 'shift and delete' mission, Shifting huge bags to my juniors place and deleting the 'waste' stuff. It was draining and difficult to filter out which things are needed and which not. I have a constraint, I have to carry all my luggage to Ahmedabad and I am travelling alone, thus I had to reduce my 'baggage' drastically.

Throwing things which were bought by me, and still lying in the corner without anybody touching them.Throwing things which are pretty old and not usable any more. Those plastic containers which were our disposable lunch-dinner boxes and were capturing maximum space in our kitchen have to be thrown out.Those magazines and news papers which were read with sheer passion and interest only for one time and then kept in the cupboard and then they were untouched for months... I am sure they will be screaming and calling me rudely :D I had to get rid of the bunch too.

There were things, I used, I love and still cant take them with me. My dumbbells (Yes, Shane I use them at least 10 days a month!), My fridge (of course I love it!), some of my scarfs and clothes which are old enough not to wear outside and still I love them, how can I forget some books which I bought with love and read (I am sure I cant sell them!), I have some creams and perfumes also which I don't use (sadly it is true, in this department I am a bit girlie), Some amazingly beautiful flip flops and sandles which gave my feet a tough time (and also my back 'a bed rest vacation' time' in past!). I had to throw everything. I am sure I am going to make new memories with my new mess in Singapore! And also a hole in my and my dad's pocket! 

After deleting the mess from my 'neat mess', It was the time to shift. Ah, before that I had a no-sleep night in my room.Frankly I am a victim of 'Change of Home' during my job tenure(8 accommodations in 2 years!), I never felt attached to my room so much. May be I have learnt to live without 'Home' and I dream of a home in a few years which I will decorate and make with my own choice. Phew.

The 'Shift' part was very easy due to two factors. My four bags-Only four and My junior with his car! :) Of course I am happy to shift as I am the senior most in the new place of juniors. Conditions apply where condition is-If they consider me a senior! :D

The whole 'Shift delete' saga ended up with giving keys back to the landlord and ah, due to the negotiation skills of yours truly I could sell a fridge at a good cost! :)

The Sunday which started early in the morning had many happening things in the day. Includes, Shane's neck pain and Ganga Jamuna flowing from his eyes and nose, The Amazing Spider Man (Mr.Peter Parker, I am impressed!), My Rakhi (almost) for bro buddies, a chat with bro-buddy and GLG-1!

Too many happening events, ended up with a head ache. (Bubblegum way!)So the lack of internet at my temporary accomodation and headache both led me to read a book (that was pretty obvious and interesting!) and sleep after a week of horrible emotional and physical strain.

The change is for good and it is the time to flow with-it seems!!! 'Shift delete' saga and Sunday can be fun/pain both, but obviously memories in Mumbai  will never have 'Shift Delete' phase!

They shall stay  forever. Amen.


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Ganga Jamuna??...where is the sympathy?


    1. Sympathy was to appear with a cup of coffee which was not accepted by you! :/

  2. Bubblegum,

    So the weekend was busy without chaos. Just 10 days and then off to Singapore, is it? Hope you do keep in touch.

    Take care

    1. No Uncle, now 7 days in Mumbai and till 23rd July in Ahmedabad.

  3. :) Time to make new memories now!!