July 12, 2012

Random at home!

So 'Shane' after two days pinged me on 'Whatsapp', "Where is the blog?"!

I told the blatant truth of my life right now, everything is so random, relaxing, a bit scary sometimes, tensed and still exciting. What to blog?! He for the first time said,"Write and publish when you feel like!"

Ah, I know I am feeling like blogging again. I had thought of blogging something concrete, a theory or a conversation but the picture is so huge and with so many shades, my mind is full with thoughts. Taking out a thought, nurturing the belief and publishing it as a blog-post is something difficult.So, Bubblegum started blogging about the randomness, as usual.

  • Handling home and brother when parents are not home is still difficult. Yeah I have done it many a times before but this time it is clubbed with medical tests, packing, shopping and other house-hold stuffs.Of course My brother has improved a lot on helping side, still. Mom, I love you, Dad I love you, come back soon! :D
  • As expected I am flooded with phone-calls and invitations to dine and lunch from relatives. I want to meet them all, but why are they behaving as if its my 'Vidai' after marriage! :O I am going to come back in December, Chill you all. Let me chill down too. :/
  • I pick up my camera any time in the room and start clicking. I guess a camera diverts my mind and pokes my creativity inside the room. Less area and still a challenging frame! :D I know I might sound nerd and out of place here.
  • I am not sure how is the hostel I am going to live in, but I am looking forward to the hostel life, I have never lived in a hostel. Waiting for all fun! I am eager to roam around in the campus of NTU and use it as much as I can. The only good feeling I am looking forward to as of now.Did I mention seniors over there are already into photography and badminton stuffs I love ? :)
  • Packing. I rest my case. Its a mess. I don't care. I need mom dad for this. Documents and photocopies-I don't know when it will get over! I know a push is required but I am taking rest and that's what I am suppose to do! 
  • I am sleeping as if I haven't since months. No I sleep for a few hours but the quality is awesome. I am feeling since two and a half years I have never slept off like this. I am home! I really need home!
  • I crave for coffees, maisoor masala dosa, pani puri and walks of Mumbai. I am coming back. 
  • I have only 10 days now. I am leaving INDIA for a year?! I am yet to digest the fact. 
I guess, ten days and my blog (along with my close friends) is going to witness a superb graph of my moods and feelings!

Are you ready?! :D


  1. Bubblegum,

    Someone has butterflies in the stomach. Good sign as that will ensure everything goes fine.

    Take care

  2. Heyyy..the hostel life will be fun..u wl gt mingled wid new experiences of life..
    waiting fr more to come frm ur side..

    Following u..:) :)

  3. Hostel life is best :) u will like it.. I dnt know how much u will like in Yoha :P , bt maybe after that u will :D