July 6, 2012

Last few days of my first job!

They were crazy! They were scary! They were fun! They were fearful and the last day was tearful! Period.

It feels odd when you sign for the last time on an official document.It feels nothing when you are stuck in clerance procedure of your company. It feels so emotional when an HR person asks you, if you have any complaints and suggestions, you feel like just thanking the company to hire you as a fresh student. Even though you had abused the same company many a times in frustration.It feels super weird when you get phone calls for the "Good bye" mail you wrote to people.

It feels pathetic to take out all small pictures-cartoons you made on cups, paintings,smileys you got as tokens of appreciation from your managers, an Indian Flag, a mug, a small yellow ball given by your senior from your desk. It feels a bit emotional when you empty your drawer and you find a transfer letter for your transfer to this amazing city of Mumbai- A real twist in my life.It feels odd when you realize your visiting cards of the beloved company will be of no use from tomorrow. You feel blank when you drink the last cup of coffee from the Cafe coffee day machine of the office where you had amazing chat-laughter-knowledge sharing and gossiping sessions with so many buddies.

You go mad when you realize none of your buddies are in a mood to bid you a grand good bye and they try to give you surprise. You cant stop laughing when you enjoy with around fifteen odd friends,pizzas,burgers,cokes,sprites and farewell speeches which actually in place of praising you, pull your legs and hands :D

You realize what you are going to miss, when your foe cum friend (Tom & Jerry friends we are!) promises you a cup of ice cream (which is so rare!) and before leaving (when you have forgotten about it!) comes up with a big cup of your favorite ice cream. You go blank when your best buddy-Shane comes to your farewell and gets scolding for reaching too late to meet his relatives! :/ Your colleagues cry, almost and you try to control, your favorite friend cum local guardian couple from office, mails you and makes you cry!

You come back to your room, be online, shoot some mails and sleep like a dog (Really!) but you get up exactly at 7am and realize you have no office to go today! You are officially job less from today!!

The feeling sucks I tell you!! You drink a cup of juice and suddenly you realize what fun you had, you realize you have got the best pals in your kitty and you are the luckiest girl in the world.

You feel no more sad, you feel relaxed and welcome students life, again!


  1. Bubblegum,

    You will always enjoy these fond memories. Farewells are emotional, no matter how often you may have had those. As they say it is change only which is constant.

    Take care

    PS : Hope you will keep in touch, if comfortable by mails.

    1. Sure, any time. My blog will be live from S'pore too!! :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    It felt like reading my future.....!
    Memories ના પડઘાનો સંભળાશે સાદ,
    જયારે આવશે જૂની બધી વાતો ફરી યાદ!