July 26, 2012

From Singapore,with love!

Disclaimer: Public demand sir ankho pe, publishing my blog with no efforts to think more creatively or correct grammar or spelling!!As usual!

It will be useless if I wont tell you all anything about my departure from India. Yes, my papa was here, yes yes he came here for work and took the pain to settle me down in NTU, and I ended up pretty smoothly than I was thinking when I entered my huge or say extra large University.

Highlights of the India-Singapore migration Saga:
  • I did not cry in front of mom and so did mom, but we both cried inside the room! Papa verified it! :D
  • When I landed on Mumbai airport I felt more homesick than Ahmedabad airport could have made me so! The city makes me go hmmm! 
  • I was not sleeping since many days, I dint sleep in the flight as it was the last night(before I go back home again) I was some where in the Indian 'atmosphere'!I immediately checked in the hostel and went to the university and the biiiig university made me walk almost ten kilometers on the first day due to lack of  geographical knowledge!Yeah the campus is bigger than India!
  • When the flight took off I felt like hugging the 'Mumbai' or say 'the India' I was seeing and cry my lungs out.
  • When every one in the flight was asleep including my father, I was watching 'The decedents' and I ended up crying like a fool. :D
  • I was more than shocked and scared of beautiful and systematic Singapore and not excited on the first and second day until I met my friends whom I had never seen!It was awesome, most of the time!!
  • Friends can make you so positive about my tenure in NTU, I never knew!
  • I should mention my bestie Shane and Cubicle partner Z for constantly asking my whereabouts and encouraging me, ah, you too PS!
  • I met a friend of a friend and I am happy to say we are gelling up well, you go girl, Dr!!(Decode!)
  • My hostel is a kind of pain and yet I sort of like it, if at all it doesn't make me travel too much to reach NTU!
  • The walk from my hostel to the near by MRT station(Google! come on I wont explain everything!) is so beautiful that I keep on staring the landscape for the whole ten minutes of the walk.
  • I unpacked my bags with a foot swollen and the drowsy pair of eyes, I don't remember, in the 'Khopacha' type place where I have kept what.
  • I guess I am mastering the 'cost cutting' fundae of student life slowly!!!Yeah I am salary less!
Lots to tell you guys, cant write here all but of course I can show you some of the pictures I have clicked in last few days, Ah, Did I tell you I got an Iphone 4S as a gift from papa? :)

Here goes the click show!

Yeah this one is clicked by Ms.Bubblegum on Mumbai airport!

 Something my mom bought for me so that I can paint one for Mumbai!! I (heart) Mumbai!!

So here it comes from my 'Singapore Saga', from my university!! A lot many to come!!

This one too!

 A view from the flat where my distant (If in terms of time-20 years,have never seen them1) relative stays!19th floor! I never knew I have one relative in Singapore! :D (A different story altogether!)

You want more still? Well wait for the next blog, straight form Singapore!!  Again!

India, I miss you!


  1. Nice clicks. I really thought today we didn't clicks pic with ya :\ Missed it.

    1. We have the year in our hand,dont worry!

  2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    The first of many posts to come about singapore....I know!!!!


  3. Want more pics of singapore :D

  4. singapore tales....!!!!!

    we are all for it now :D

  5. Bubblegum,

    I am so glad that you are settling down well. Looking forward to more from you. Have all the fun and of course study too.

    Take care