July 28, 2012

From Singapore,with love-2

So here I am again (to harass you people with my posts!) to share my Singapore experience and of course my where abouts.

Living in Mumbai for almost three years and spending my 22 years in Ahmedabad means I love chaos,especially when I love the awesome 'metro city and the mess'' feeling! It does mean that Singapore is a 'Sannatta' for me! Three days and what we (me and three other girls) discuss is how silent is Singapore all the time and keep on laughing.

People don't speak on mobile phones in buses and trains. I felt as if they have taken 'Maun vrat' or they are praying for me, so that I reach safe!I realized though , people don't talk much on phones as incoming calls and out going calls, both are equally costly. They cant afford it like us in India. I respect TRAI! :D

Kids of seven to eight years have iphones in their hands and they keep on using it, music gaming and face-book! Seven years old? Are you kidding me? One of my friends heard kids (4-5 years) speaking words which we can not speak openly in India or we dont speak at all even if we are like twenty five! I guess many more cultural shocks are there stored, especially for me.

Now some awesome things about people out here. They obey rules just like we break them. Imagine my happiness when I was on Zebra crossing and seven-eight cars, coming in full speed stopped for just one passenger and that's me, so that I can cross the road safely. I felt really high!! This happened to me only once or twice in Mumbai-Town. We,specially Amdavadis need to learn this.

People here are very friendly, they wont understand English, better than four years old kid of Indian Vernacular medium but still they talk and give us a possible solution. Though I guess India has this gesture too, we just don't observe it.

Postal addresses here are pain, Avenues and block and you cant have a land mark unless mentioned specially or you have seen the place before. The later one doesn't make sense for me as I am a directionally challenge human being!

The manners-not to throw any wrappers or bottles out side without a dustbin or following all traffic signals even without cars around you, friendly nature with international students. I guess things to learn apart from studies. Of course I miss local trains, food we get in India and cheap rates of food so much that I become home sick terribly.

The other day when I told my roomies- I am missing Panipuri, it induced a cyclone  of home sickness for food! We published a rule that no body will mention any food items in the room or others will lock her up in the washroom! :D

Heights  I know!!!

I guess I am feeling like hogging on panipuri, anyone? :D

PS:Finally it rained in Singapore and I miss Mumbai more!! :/


  1. Now the game goes international.. Good to see your post..!!

  2. The GardenerJuly 28, 2012

    I read your two posts on your first impressions after your arrival in Singapore. Very interesting narratives and good pictures!

    Have a nice time in Singapore and take care.

    The Gardener

  3. Bubblegum,

    Hope you can imbibe good things in our friends here on your return. Please keep sharing your experiences. Have a nice and comfortable stay, of course study hard also.

    Take care