August 30, 2012


It was when I had to wait for ten more minutes at a bus interchange while coming back to hostel at 10.30 pm. My friends had to go back from another bus and so my savior i-phone was in demand in the world of Bubblegum!

The queue for the bus was long and there was no movement. That's the Singapore way! No one smiles, No one talks, No one observes any one. They are just engrossed (or installed?) in their phones or just nothing. In such a beautiful country and an effeciet system, seriously I want to ask them , Why so silent?!!

And then the inevitable happened! Even when I was all alone, I remembered a song! Let me digress for a few seconds. Yeah I am such a Bollywood song-freak person that I can just pick a song or more on any damn situation and if not situation,from a word, yes any damn word,  in the on going conversation. Yeah then I sing it too! Well my room mates know how often I do that!

So when the silence induced the song in my mind!! I opened the playlist and then that was it! Years before, I had listened to the song!!

Frankly at that time, I was not of the age where I would actually understand the awesomeness of the lyrics, tune and the voice!Today, I was just knocked down!!!Once again!

"Aur Ahista Kijie baatein, Dhadakane koi sun raha hoga;
Labz girane na payen hothose, Vakht ke hath inko chun lenge;
Kan rakhate hai yeh dar aur diwar, Raaz ki sari baat woh sun lenge!

Aur Ahista Kijie batein!!"

The whole song, in the loop, for 3 time, 21 minutes and 51 seconds! A bliss!!!


  1. thanks for reminding me of such a great song!! I think now i'm going to listen to this song for a long time(in a loop ;) ) today!
    (that's sameera reddy in this song! :O)

  2. Pankaj Udhas Rocks :)
    I am a huge fan of this song :)

  3. Silence.. just opposite attribute of the wonder gal.. :)

  4. Bubblegum,

    So you enjoyed the song in that lonely silence.

    Take care