August 9, 2012

Who did that?!!

My body clock has gone bonkers. I was not an early bird in India too. So when it comes to Singapore I sleep late by four hours and that means at around 2 am. Yes, I run on 'My' body clock in India!

So at 8 in the morning if some one wants to wake me up, there should be a vibrating and irritating mobile alarm just below my pillow or some one to shake me well and warn me to death.Then  I will get up properly as I have a disturbed sleep syndromes. Digress.

So suddenly I realized a lady who is not suppose to be in the room, is shouting at me to vacant the room!Ahoy, I am awake!!Yes the lady was not in the room but it was the speaker who was coming in between me and my sleep.I realized, it was a Fire Alarm!!! I got up and found that my roomie, is sleeping on the bed next to me as if there is pin drop silence. The sleepy Bubblegum made sure that she wakes her up and we both run out of the building! Suddenly I thought, may be the situation is not so bad, or I guess I was too sleepy to take situation in the serious mode. I asked her if we have the smart card (yes we do have smart card to access the door of the room!) and yes we came out of the lobby,just trying to keep our eyes open.

We saw a lady cleaning the lobby like nothing has happened. We peeped in other lobbies where some faces were staring at each other, some were actually too sleepy to stare too,and the rest of the hostel was empty!

We started going down and with each floor passing , we found no one running in hustle and bustle, actually we found hardly ten students in the whole hostel. No signs of a serious situation!! Then we went to the admin cabin , and found the lady in the cabin was only shouting through the mic to vacant rooms. I asked her, what is it and the poor lady could not understand , my suppose to be The British English , and she replied in Singlish, "Vacant,Level 1" which was not possible for us to decode due to limited hints given!!

Finally, we realized there is nothing like 'Fire' and so within two minutes we went inside the room and slept off by cuddling the blanket. I guess while I was just loosing my self in the dreamland I heard, " We have solved the situation and the danger sign is called off"! We were not in a mood to even throw some anger at the lady.

I guess we got up after three hours and only one question was in our mind,

"Some body has done a mischief and who did that?!"

Waking up these sleepy girls should be fined!! Just like any other banned activities in Singapore!

This time I did not do any thing, I was too sleepy to even play a prank! :/


  1. Bubblegum,

    Had a good laugh at your confession that though you are capable of playing pranks but not this time due to being so sleepy.

    Take care

  2. I m sure it was u...