August 25, 2012

Hum hai is pal yahan!

So here I am listening to the most beautiful songs as per me, with Udit Narayan singing the best lines of this song!Giving me goosebumps.

"Rang dhal jate hai, din badal jate hai;
Ratey so jati hai, Rahein kho jati hai;
Pyar khota nahi, Pyar sota nahi,
Pyar dhalata nahi, Haan badalata nahi"!

True. The love, true love never changes. Never ever.

"Hum hai is pal yahan, jaane ho kal kahan!"

Very true. The best way to live? How about an eventful day?!

I had. The early morning jog , and as per my observations- my room-mates theory, I was checking out (?) a really old Aunty who was jogging ,wearing shorts with a denture in mouth! I was amazed and got inspired, and in the whole inspiration phenomena I slipped! Hurt my knees and ankles,with bleeding legs and hands came back to room. Quietly took bath, got ready and went to her place.

Eventful? Not yet. The fun portion started flowing. Chit chatting, playing with little Xena, playing more, eating lunch ekdum home made-Didi made, again playing and chit chatting, a short walk, posing with the cute baby, playing  'How to call Bubblegum101',bidding good bye for the day, catching the wrong train, realizing the fact on the next station, catching the proper train, calling friends who were worried about my broken legs-hands and entering the room.

Eventful? Not yet. Receiving many many mails and so unblocking my Facebook profile with a decision of not changing my self like Ever.Thank you everyone who responded on my blog or by mails.

Eventful? Not yet. Long laughter attack-sessions with friends in the room about the whole jogging-inspiring-hurting scene with different theories and on and on and on.

Eventful? Not yet. Downloading 'Andaz Apna Apna' and listening to the awesome song again.

You want more excitement!?

"Hum hai is pal yahan jane ho kal kahan"!


  1. Best thing is you are writing the post even if you are hurt. Take care chhokari

  2. Bubblegum,

    That is the spirit. Be yourself and live as per your conscience without worrying what will others say or think.

    Take care