August 12, 2012

When I floated on time in Sentosa!

I float on 'time', very often. One moment I see something, I experience something, I feel something and if the 'something' is powerful enough, I just float on time. Past, present an future time frame.

I saw this wonderful beach from the 'Under water world' of the famous 'Sentosa Island' of Singapore and I was thrilled to the core. I have been no-seashore-or-swimming-pool baby all my life. I just hate getting into the pool or the beach, ruin my skin and stay scared for the time being. This time it was different. The beach made me go back to the world of my own people-childhood and job-hood!

Obviously most of the sea shores of Mumbai has lost the natural beauty and have been spoiled by public but wet sand, the smell and the breeze make me go there on marine drive or the worli sea line! Though this Senotsa beach is different,a lot more beautiful,you can indulge in sports, swimming, playing in the sand to just relaxing like no other day is left in your life. I guess it was me, who makes me nostalgic every time ha? Digress.

I reached and the 'moment' I stepped in the water, There was a sudden jerk and I time traveled in the past for some moments and in some eras!

Goa! Yeah I am some ten years old and Papa is asking me to come to the beach in Goa! One of the very very beautiful natural beach-Sterling resort beach. Listening the roar by the waves I am scared , mom is asking me to be brave. Finally papa asks me, "Do you trust Papa or the sea?" and needless to say, holding his hand I step inside the water and play a lot with my brother and papa! :)

I traveled towards present in just a few seconds then.I am enjoying my walk on the beach, after dinner with my best of best buddies! The awesome Bandra in Mumbai, the happy taste buds as I had cheese cake with my buddies! What else one needs! Of course it is not the 'scary-not to step-in the water' scene at night but when it comes to any sea shores, I just cant stop my self from remembering such incidents in Mumbai.

One more jump towards present. Me with my best buddy, eating 'Mudi' on worli sea link, watching people jogging in the evening. I am just talking talking and the friend is left with no option then to listen to! I have got the admission and I am nothing but nervous about going to Singapore alone! I don't have to mention, the walk was nothing but the last walk on the Mumbai-shore before I landed in this land of merlion!

Sudden splash of water by the buddy in Singapore, I landed in the present.

For once, I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of dreaming about enjoying the awesome and the best Sentosa beach with dad-mom-brother and my buddies! \

Some day!!


  1. Bubblegum,

    One always enjoys fond memories. A few years down the line you will talk of this beach and time spent here.

    Take care

  2. That goes without saying that you can get joy out of a trivial thing too..
    Now you can float on time too.. That's why I call you "the wonder girl"..

  3. Your nice post transported me to the time when we visited Sentosa island. Happy to know that you are enjoying your stay in Singpore.

    1. Yes Uncle! The sentosa beach is really very beautiful to even forget!

  4. Nice one...

  5. Nice one...