August 6, 2012


Do you remember I love walks? and Jogs? For T.A.N? :)

Well, I still do. The day when I saw the near by Canal drive track where people jog at any time of the day and night,I had goose bumps! Yeah the whole surrounding inspires me. So, obviously I just pick an hour to jog and try to reduce the flab I have partially gathered at Mumbai in a last few months and partially at home by eating whatever Indian-Mommy made food dishes were offered to me!!

The very first thing I remember is my state of mind when I used to walk at Mumbai and how it is now. Both are same. I just walk and ponder over the day-future , the only addition is the 'Nostalgia' feeling. Well, I am not going to blog about the sick feeling (sometimes, happy feeling too!) again and spoil the mood.

Flash back!
I am a music person, so I generally develop gradual attraction towards a song or I just feel my love for it instantly when I listen to it for the first time. Well so when a friend of mine (who enjoyed his last day yesterday at our company, all the best dude for the studies!) suggested me a song from the movie, which had been watched with enthusiasm by me and my bestie, I was stunned why I did not catch this track. Well that is the different story I guess. The song is from 'Ladies V/S Ricky Behl'! Generally I don't like lyrics of Hindi songs with English words for the sake of it. But, for this song, I really give up on that.

Coming Back to Singapore!
So, when I shuffled my iphone music and found the song, I did not change the track, rather give it a shot to listen to it! I just loved the song and lyrics!!! Some songs just set you free and some would make you sleep!

This song just gave me adrenaline rush! Of course it is about dreams, action and the 'Jazba'!!

"Khawahisho ki hai kitabiya padi, chun le kahaniya kitab jod de!! "-Yeah prioritizing dreams! Pick them up and finish it over! Feel the heat!

Jitne hi muh utni hi baton mein tu na jana,
Dil ki tu sun, na dil ko tu apni sunana,
sapano ke pahiyon ko yara,
speed limit na gawara,
jagale tu jagale jazaba!

(Go Google and listen to it once! For lyrics!) Okay I gave you the youtube link!! ;)

People do comment, they will. We just have to ignore and follow what heart says! Here where we fail, right? Social pressure may be! Something as important as taking a breathe!

Talking about speed limits to my dreams!

I guess No, I have removed the speed breaker for this purpose!

And that's why I am here in Singapore!!!

Isnt it true???

Yeah it does give me a kick of the day!

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  1. Bubblegum,

    I always say that live your life as per your own conscience. People will always have something to say even if you live like a hermit. Have all the fun jogging.

    Take care