August 24, 2012

Time to pull off?

Facebook-A place where I connect with the my world, where I meet friends, Where I chat, I show my expressions! I see opportunities. I see hopes. I guess, I did not see the judgement.

I remember a few years ago, one of my school friend, a guy mailed me saying, "Bubblegum, we have finished our schooling and I really want to tell you, you are the person I respect you the most. We (The scholar group) teased you for no reasons, you never felt bad, you were Bindas and you achieved the best!" I was amazed, as I never thought I did something big. I was never a group person and I guess,still I am not.So I never took them seriously and always focused on studies.He is my one of the very very good friend, as always.I am still the same.The only thing I have left is, ignoring the judgement of people.

I get affected now. Period.

The whole episode started getting into my mind, when my best friend was telling me how he met my floor mates and other usual things. One of my ex-team mate mentioned his own Judgement to my best friend, 'why does she put photos of Singapore all the time?', I was stunned. Though my best friend knows me better and so there he got the whatsoever Answer. It made me think.

Face book, is something I never thought can be a tool to pass a judgement about someone. In fact most of the people are different then what their respective profiles show. What pinched me is, do my own people think so? Should I share my emotions on face book or not?

I have a problem, I have to vent out whatever is inside me. No I am not talking about secrets. About my life.Emotions and, mind well, There are very very few persons in the world, who has the privileged to see the 'Sad' part of me.I need a big platform to share my expressions, happiness, opinions and that was this blog and Facebook. In that case, should I consider Face book as a good non-living thing to rely upon? I guess no.

Yeah and so I decided to play blind for sometime, and see what is in the store for me.

I guess It is the time to pull off myself from the 'Expression'! May be something in me is growing matured?


  1. As you have touched upon a very sensitive thought, let me add something.

    I have always believed that one should learn to express his/her emotions, although I am very bad at it as not being understood in some cases.

    If you are a type of person who can easily call to or chat with a friend who understands you, it's the best. Above all, your blogs evince clearly your emotions. You describe all big n trivial experiences of your day to day life, but I can see your feelings as lucid as your writing.

    So, just carry on Kareena.. Cheers !!

  2. Bubblegum,

    Hope you are not thinking of leaving us here. Please do continue and write what you feel like without any thoughts of being judged. It is your space and you write what & how you wish to.

    Take care