August 15, 2012

India, you have the charm!

On this 66th Birthday of the Independent India,I am going to share my thoughts on how charming Our India is! I am dying to blog and share those proud thoughts everywhere!

The charm is so powerful, and can be felt in foreign land with much more throw! Seriously!

Let me list them down!

  • You see a lady in Saree, you smile, she will smile at you too! You have the love, care and admiration towards the rich heritage of India! 'You' means all Indians out side India! Isnt is true?!
  • You just feel awesome when some body cooks an Indian dish, be it from any state or the corner of India! You just feel the 'Apna food' and hog!
  • You get news back from home in a few seconds! Mind you! We actually dwell in virtual India through the magnificent internet! India, you pull us back!
  • You miss tri colors around on the eve of 15th Aug so badly, that you try to choose those three lovely colours in your apparel!
  • You miss Panipuri so much that , 'India is almost like our own heaven' makes sense!
  • You actually respect Indian Telecom companies and Regulations for the cheapest possible calls and ah, free incoming calls! :D
  • You start respecting the ease of expressions we get in India! Really , India is home! 
  • You no more try to find states and castes around you, You are happy with 'Indian feeling'!
  • You suddenly realize, being alone in the whole world is almost the same as leaving India!
  • You always check flight ticket rates, to plan a trip back home!
  • You wait for Indian festivals to come and flaunt to the fullest! Traditional dresses, dishes and ah, the shor-sharaba, music dance and temple-runs! Ah, visits to temples I meant!
  • You become more traditional and conservative sometimes! No jokes!
  • You just stare at people, drinking only beers and cokes and not water!
  • You admire economical Indian transport systems-Autos, Local trains, Metros and affordable vehicles! Really!
  • You actually keep an Indian clock on the wall of your laptop and mostly run on that clock once back home!! :)
  • You have ten groups on 'Whatsapp' and you feel connected with buddies back home and yet every few days you feel like just leaving the 'Group' and meet them face to face!
  • The senior sir/mentor/guide and friend sends the 'Satyanarayan Pooja' picture to make sure that you do the darshan and enjoy the virtual Prasand! You just feel nostalgic but proud of the culture!
  • You often read about technology up gradation back in India, so you can add some value in it at any point of time after the graduation!
  • You just install 'Skype','Fringe','Viber' and what not to stay connected to India! 
  • You actually go mad when someone makes 'Roti' and you are right there smelling the 'Ghar' ki khushbu in the kitchen! The cook can be you too!
  • Your browser shows 'News of India' on every possible site!
  • Your play list contains more Hindi/Indian songs than ever! (Not in my case-I rarely have English songs in the pay list!)
There are other billion things in the world which makes you feel connected to India or They end up making you nostalgic! The best one for me was-No celebrations in Singapore like we always did in India, It called for the party! Ah, yeah 'Cook at home and hog' party kinds!

I , yours truly Bubblegum made food for six people almost, alone!! :) Biiig achievement!

So the next few pictures , might give you an Idea, How my India charms me!!! :)

India, You have the charm! :)

Happy Independence day and the 66th Year of freedom! :)


  1. Cant tell you how much I loved this post!!

    1. :) Missing India :'( By the way, I am waiting for some more recipes! I have to cook now :D

    2. Tell me what you want to cook, lets see if I can help :)

    3. Any vegggie dish you think Bubblegum can make! :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    JAI HO. How I wish everyone thinks as being Indian! Hope I do get a chance some time to taste your cooking.

    Take care

    1. When are you coming to Singapore, Uncle?

    2. Bubblegum,

      Aren't you coming back? I will love to have these when you are here.

      Take care

  3. Nostalgic.. and the feeling becomes more intense when you are miles away.. !!