November 7, 2012

For the love of Mumbai!

Yes, I am talking about love life! My love life! My love and My life! :D

A batch mate cum friend of mine, messaged me yesterday! We were together in the induction program of my first (Second hasnt surfaced yet) company and after a month we were given different location, so of course our contact was limited to either through office communicator or mine or  her short visits. Who cares? Whenever we meet or talk, we have fun! And ..She is in Mumbai since some days and she was with our other batch mates when she messaged.

She said she was missing me! Of course guys over there are quite busy with projects and she cant expect shopping sessions with them. She asked me where all she can go for shopping! She is one of the most stylish girls I have seen in my company, I had a 'goose bump' moment listening to her shopping list!

Oh my Mumbai! I typed each and every name of the place I love in the city and I guess for full fifteen minutes I was high! Those fifteen minutes and I visited link road, fashion street to my favorite Colaba causeway in my mind heart!Of course I cant forget those Panipuri wale bhaiyas in Mumbai with Vada pav and some of my favorite ice cream shops! I was virtually roaming around in the city of art, freedom, money, smiles and smell! 

No really , Mumbai is just like those addictive drugs! You should smell the city once in a while if you cant live there! 

I was not sure how to react when my mom said, "Beta, you should go to Mumbai at least for a week, plan your trip accordingly!! 

Yeyeye! :)

The post is dedicated to all my friends out there and each set of trinkets in my treasure bought from Mumbai! :D

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  1. Bubblegum,

    I hope that you do get time to visit Mumbai when you visit home during break.

    Take care